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Friday, April 5, 2019

SCC 3/2019

Malibu and San Mateo Coast Purchases Get $$ from the State Coastal Conservancy in March



#5: 91 acres in Carbon Canyon:
see page 5

purchase of 91 acres in Malibu's Carbon Canyon, by TPL, to be owned by the MRCA
seven parcels  (Assessor’s Parcel Numbers:4453-005-081 through 4453-005-087).
Total price: $2.2 million

Proposed Funding Sources:
Coastal Conservancy $350,000
California Natural Resources Agency (EEM) $500,000
Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy (Prop 68) $350,000
Los Angeles County (Prop A) $1,000,000
Project Total: $2,200,000


#9: purchase of 58 acre Tunitas Creek Beach in San Mateo County, price is $8.2 million (SCC will provide $6.2 million and POST is giving $2 million. San Mateo County Parks will get the land)


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