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Saturday, January 7, 2012

We finally got the maps....

Maps showing locations of 20,000 acres of New saved land finally released

For reasons that are beyond me, the state's Wildlife Conservation Board doesn't make any maps of the properties they are buying available to the public until AFTER their public hearing to consider buying them. So I have to wait, then download a huge document and excerpt each map individually and post it, then add a web-link for each into the story which I posted a month before to inform the public about the hearing. So...that laborious task done, here is the updated:

State $ to Save over 20,000 acres in December
from the agenda of the 12/8/2011 meeting of the California Wildlife Conservation Board
The WCB is buying conservation easements on 16,033 acres and full ownership of 4218 acres of California wildlife habitat.
If one is looking for the complete collection of maps and photos of the new parks:

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