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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More New Parks to Explore....

In Southern California:


Lake Forest-Orange co. land swap



125 acres bought by Lakeside River Park Conservancy, 4/25/11

6.5 acres saved by Lakeside River Park Conservancy, 5/19/11



Mojave Desert LT purchases—3300 acres in Cady Mts., 955 acres Quail mtn

The Land Trust was able to purchase 3,300 acres in December 2010 in the beautiful Cady Mountains Wilderness Study Area, about 40 miles east of Barstow, with a grant from the California Department of Fish & Game. This purchase protected the habitat and wildlife corridors for sensitive species such as bighorn sheep, desert tortoise, burrowing owl, prairie falcon, and golden eagle.

We are currently working to close escrow on more than 70 parcels with as many landowners in Imperial County that will protect a portion of the Chuckwalla Desert Wildlife Management Area - an area designated to aid in the recovery of the threatened desert tortoise. This area contains critical tortoise habitat, but also contains a large checkerboard pattern of inholdings that, if developed, will threaten the recovery of the species. When the Land Trust acquires these parcels, 1,600 acres of habitat will be protected to give the tortoise a better chance to survive.

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