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Monday, February 1, 2010

130 Acres to be saved in L.A. Mountains this week

February 3, 2010

Consideration of resolution authorizing acceptance of conservation easements from the City of Santa Clarita over portions of APNs 3210-014-270, 3210-014-271, 3210-014-272 and 3211-016-270 approximately 126-acres near Agua Dulce and Soledad Canyons, unincorporated Los Angeles County. [Map] [Map 2] [Staff Report] [Resolution]

Consideration of resolution authorizing acquisition of conservation easement using in-lieu fees over portions of APN 4453-016-004 approximately 7-acres, Carbon Canyon, Malibu. Negotiators: Jennifer Meltzer and Joseph T. Edmiston. Under consideration: price and terms. (This item may be heard in closed session pursuant to Government Code § 54956.8). [Map] [Map 2] [Attachment] [Staff Report] [Resolution]

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