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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3.5 miles of Mendocino Coast are now public...

State Pays $4.2 million for 92 acres for Coastal Trail in Fort Bragg

excerpted from:

1/10/2010--Fort Bragg's rugged coastline is in public hands after more than a century under private ownership that kept both the land and its dramatic views off limits to visitors.

“It finally happened. We're very excited,” said Fort Bragg Mayor Doug Hammerstrom.

“We have never had the opportunity to open the entire coastline of a city in one fell swoop,” said Sam Schuchat, executive director of the Coastal Conservancy.

Fort Bragg, Georgia-Pacific and Coastal Conservancy officials sealed a deal last week that gives the city ownership of 92 acres of the 430-acre former G-P mill site. It includes 3.5 miles of coastline.

While the deal is complete, access to the land is expected to be restricted for another two years while plans for the parkland are completed and then carried out, city officials said....

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