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Monday, December 7, 2009

Read this book on eco-laws!!!

A Must-Read guide for fighting development

This book is written for people who care about their community, their city, their country, their planet, but who have found through bitter experience that their local elected officials (city council members and county supervisors), along with most staff members, are in the pockets of developers; they couldn’t care less about their community, their city, their country, or their planet.

The author is not a lawyer, but has successfully sued cities and counties, stopping or modifying several developments local government had approved. The purpose of this book is to share his experiences in doing this with others so inclined, but not to give legal advice. It will show you how to influence governmental decisions about development most effectively, while simultaneously preparing for a lawsuit, should you later decide to file one. This book can also help you decide whether to file a lawsuit, considering the costs, the risks, and the possible benefits...

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