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Thursday, June 18, 2009

North of Sacramento trail nearly done...

American River Conservancy Breaks Ground on Last Salmon Falls Trail Segment

6/2009--Construction on the last segment of the South Fork American River Trail, connecting Highway 49 (Coloma) with the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area (Salmon Falls) began yesterday, May 26th.

The American River Conservancy, the Bureau of Land Management, and Cal Fire's Growlersberg Camp Crew began brushing a trail path along the ridge above Surprise Rapid and about 2 miles upstream of the Salmon Falls Bridge.

"It took four months to complete the environmental documentation for the trail", stated ARC director Alan Ehrgott. "We're excited about beginning trail construction and we're hopeful we can get complete construction of the trail within a year. We still have several hundred thousand dollars to raise for the construction of a 60 ft. redwood bridge crossing Acorn Creek (at Salmon Falls) and to complete the purchase of a 40 acre trail corridor parcel."

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