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Friday, May 8, 2009

Southern Sierrra Nevada Preserves in the works...

Land Deals Around the Kern River and Lake Isabella by the State and Audubon Society

Map above shows the Parker Ranch conservation easement funded by the State Wildlife Conservation Board, and other large land holdings in this stretch between Tejon Ranch and the Sierra Nevada national forests.

Map above shows a 196 acre May 2008 purchase by the Wildlife Conservation Board.

the Audubon Society has also purchased lands in the area:

Kelso Creek land protected (from their website 5/8/2009)

While we haven't closed on all of the land in escrow, we are close to finalizing permanent protection of 601-acres adjacent to Sequoia National Forest and the BLM Bright Star Wilderness. As soon as title is transferred Audubon will transfer the land to the Bureau of Land Management to be included in the Bright Star Wilderness. We do this to protect the land in perpetuity while eliminating the administrative costs that for lack of a permanent endowment, Audubon cannot afford.

More info here:
most recent newsletter

And another 2894 acres preserve owned by Audubon:

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