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Friday, May 1, 2009

SF Bay Golden Lands report...

Coalition of S.F. Bay Area Enviro Groups List their Goals

excerpted from:
which was released in February 2009

San Mateo County
--Prevent subdivision and large-lot residential development to help protect up to 40,000 acres of farmland and natural areas.

Alameda County
--Curb sprawl in the Tri-Valley area to preserve habitat for rare and endangered species, conserve working lands, and protect the Livermore groundwater basin and watersheds—especially the rare alkali sink ecosystem.

Contra Costa County
--Stop subdivision and development of farms, ranches, and natural areas to preserve wildlife corridors and agricultural heritage.
--Prevent development on Delta watershed lands to protect California’s drinking water and help preserve a fragile ecosystem.
--Build parks and trails on the North Richmond shoreline to give underserved residents opportunities to enjoy the Bay.
--Preserve Concord Naval Weapons Station open space to protect habitat and enable easy access to nature via BART.

Marin County
--Close gaps in Marin’s protected lands system to preserve 15,000 acres of habitat, complete wildlife and trail corridors, and save wetlands.
--Actively maintain natural areas—including controlling invasive plants and erosion—to help protect Marin’s streams, such as Lagunitas Creek, a rare remaining coho salmon run.
--Permanently protect 60,000 acres of farmland from nonagricultural development to allow Marin to keep producing locally farmed food.

San Francisco County
--Complete the Blue Greenway, a 13-mile corridor along the city’s southeastern waterfront that will bring green space, recreational opportunities, and Bay access to an underserved part of the city.

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