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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Saving the Headwaters of the Feather River

Lands Saved by the Feather River Land Trust

(on this map, the Sierra Valley is in the upper left.
The pink and dark green shading on this map shows land saved by land trusts and by the private land owners. The light green and yellow shadingshows federal lands; the blue shading is State land.)

By July, 2004, using both conservation easements and outright purchase, the Feather River Land Trust has protected over 27,000 acres in the Feather River region. About 90% of these 27,000 acres consist of working cattle ranches. The properties we've protected include:

--The 1,030-acre Matley Ranch along Last Chance Creek
--The 1,360-acre Balderston Ranch (formerly known as the Lombardi Ranch) in Sierra Valley --The 575-acre Maddalena Property in Sierra Valley
--The 13,120-acre Bar One Ranch in Sierra Valley—conservation easement
--The 450-acre Ranz Property along Little Truckee River
--The 480-acre Babbit Peak Property south of Sierra Valley
--The 884-acre Heart K Ranch and 80-acre Taylor Lake, in Genesee Valley
--the 1,360-acre Trosi Canyon Ranch in the Sierra Valley—conservation easement
--the 160 acre Don Balderston ranch in Sierra Valley—conservation easement

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