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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Latest on Tejon Ranch...

Los Angeles Mag in June 2009 issue covers Tejon Ranch development controversy

the story is not posted on their website, yet...but the CBD has it...

"The Epic battle over L.A.'s last frontier"


Another Big Enviro Group Slams Tejon Deal...

Tejon Ranch Settlement: The Opposite of Smart Growth

In May 2008, Tejon Ranch Company and five highly respected environmental organizations announced California’s largest-ever land conservation deal: up to 240,000 acres could be protected. In exchange, the groups dropped their opposition to the largest development project ever proposed in the state. The new residential city would be far from jobs, creating a commuter’s nightmare. A second development for luxury homes is sited in federally designated critical habitat for the California condor. Although there are parts of the settlement to be applauded, including the potential acquisition of 49,000 acres for a state park, the deal falsely gives the impression that developing Tejon Ranch is smart growth.


report on Tejon HCP flaws

Tri-County Watchdogs

Tejon ranch stock is around $19


tejon ranch water supply 5/8/2009--
Therefore, although only 2,000 of Tejon-Castac's 5,278 acre feet of entitlement are labeled for municipal use, there is no practical restriction on Tejon-Castac's ability to deliver the remaining water to residential or commercial/industrial developments. In the near term, for political and regulatory reasons, it is unlikely that we would be able to direct any of our Wheeler Ridge agricultural entitlement to municipal or industrial uses.


–their blog
On a field trip to Tejon Ranch’s newly-designated conservation lands, Audubon California Executive Director Graham Chisholm snapped this picture showing a tree full of condors. The final count was 11 condors in one tree and another 5 roosting nearby. Sixteen condors represents 5 percent of the total captive and free-flying population, 9 percent of the wild California Condors, and 20 percent of the condors flying free over California. The Tejon Ranch has long been an important feeding and roosting site for the California Condor, and under the terms of the Tejon Ranch Conservation Agreement (June 2008), 90 percent of the ranch is being set aside for permanent conservation. A larger version of the photo is below the fold. ----------------------------

tejon ranch propaganda site


Help Our Ca. Condor Keep its Habitat ----------------
pro-tejon ranch developer, pissed at CBD and Dr. Shawn Smallwood...not certain why...

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