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Monday, April 27, 2009

Sonoma Coast Gem is Almost saved...

$$$ Still Needed to Save Gem on Sonoma County Coast

This is part of the massive ranch owned by the Richardson family, who are one of the largest landowners in Sonoma County.

excerpted from the Summer 2009 edition of the Pacific Forest Trusts's "Forest Life" newsletter

The Pacific Forest Trust is working diligently to complete the purchase of Stewarts Point Ranch, an 871-acre property considered one of the most important unprotected coastal redwood tracts in Sonoma County. PFT would hold and manage the property as an educational center and working model of forest stewardship that sustains wood, water, wildlife and a well-balanced climate.

Among its outstanding features are a full mile of scenic bluffs fronting the Pacific Ocean, a significant stretch of the South Fork of the Gualala River critical for its salmon habitat and 750 acres of well-managed, older Coastal Redwood and Douglas fir forest sustained by its longtime owners, Arch and Jack Richardson, through a family trust....

Stewarts Point Ranch is part of the historic “Rancho German,” one of the last Mexican land grants. It has a rich heritage as part of a constellation of Sonoma County lands that have been owned by various members of the Richardson family since about 1870.

In addition to the commitment of PFT’s own capital funds, we are very grateful to have the support of the Packard Foundation and Community Foundation Sonoma County in our efforts so far. Funding to complete the transaction is being sought from the State Coastal Conservancy, Wildlife Conservation Board and the Sonoma County Open Space and Agricultural Preservation District, along with other foundations and individuals committed to the conservation of these vital Sonoma Coast resources...

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