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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Santa Barbara's Environmental Defense Center--Earth Day Report

What the Central Coast's Environmental Defense Center Does

We are thankful for the opportunity to represent the public, and for the opportunity to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. We are thankful for the variety of important issues that we get to tackle. Here is just a sampling of what EDC is working on now:

* Addressing the causes & effects of climate change at local, state & federal levels
* The Mission Creek steelhead restoration and flood control projects
* Preserving open spaces & agriculture on the Gaviota Coast & at Naples
* Enhancing marine reserves in & around the Santa Barbara Channel
* Protecting Ormond Beach in Oxnard
* Recovering steelhead in the Santa Ynez River
* Working to end oil & gas development on & offshore Santa Barbara County
* Developing agricultural discharge regulations
* Reporting on the causes & effects of ocean acidification
* Commenting on the scoping plan for the Bacara Resort & Spa expansion project
* Finding solutions to protect Goleta Beach
* Creating policies to protect agriculture from suburban sprawl

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