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Friday, April 10, 2009


Assorted Eco News from MENDOCINO COUNTY:

on Jackson State Forest management plans


on sinkyone-from Anderson valley advertiser


on Mendocino county forest preservation by RFFI


mendo co becomes rat poison capital due to pot growers

“vastly more damage than Palco”

Rose O’Reilly at it again!


from publisher of Mendocino Country

If passed by the voters, the Specific Plan will become law without any environmental review. There is a loophole in CEQA [California Environmental Quality Act] that exempts projects which are put on the ballot by petition and passed by the voters. This is because there’s no public agency which is exercising discretionary authority and which has the ability to adopt environmental mitigations. So….no EIR, no mitigations, no public hearings, no discussion.

has THP list


fishery expert on coastal ridges Robinson creek THP


on coastal ridges llc and other big timber sales on the north coast

same as but link not working


on Dos Rios Dam project


feds seize pot grower properties

on three properties comprising multiple parcels in southern Humboldt and northern Mendocino counties. The parcels all belong to the Lost Paradise Land Corp.

The complaint identifies the three properties thus:

The first: four Mendocino parcels totaling 960 acres, which the complaint calls the “Juan CC property,” owned by Robert Juan.

The second: 10 Mendocino parcels and two Humboldt parcels totaling about 945 acres, owned by Lost Paradise Land Corp.

The third: Two Mendocino parcels of unspecified acreage owned by Graeson Prescott and Paul Sayers.

...County and state records reveal that the president of Lost Paradise Land Corp. is Robert Juan, 36; Graeson Prescott, 37, of Eureka, is the treasurer, and Brendon Clarke, 46, Loleta, is the secretary. (Clarke is not mentioned in the complaint.) The corporation bought the properties in 2004 from Eddie and Diana Mendes of Fortuna, who bought them from Hawthorne Timber Co. in 2003. (Hawthorne bought them from North American Timber, which bought them from Georgia-Pacific)...


concerns about Fisher family logging in mendo county


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