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Friday, April 10, 2009


Assorted Eco News from HUMBOLDT COUNTY:

Lost Coast Ranch

From the green ridges of the Lost Coast, the Pacific stretches to the horizon. The steep cliffs, frequent washouts, rocky hillsides and deep forests kept road builders inland and until now, made this part of Northern California a wonderful and wild stretch of the state's long coastline. To preserve this pristine area and guard against inappropriate residential development, the Fund, with support from the California Coastal Conservancy, purchased 225 acres known as Lost Coast Ranch and conveyed the property to the Bureau of Land Management. Now these dramatic cliffs, coastal streams and isolated beaches will provide shelter for a diverse population of migrating birds, anadromous fish and other wildlife.


Loose Stuff on Pacific Lumber...

Timing is Everything: Court Declines to Impose Spoliation Sanctions where Critical Evidence was Destroyed Before Duty to Preserve Arose

U.S. v. Maxxam, Inc., 2009 WL 817264 (N.D. Cal. Mar. 27, 2009)

In this case, which arose from the joint purchase of the Headwaters Forest by the United States Government and the State of California, plaintiffs moved for sanctions due to the alleged spoliation of “critical” evidence by defendants Maxxam and Hurwitz. Despite finding that “certain evidence was not preserved,” the court declined to impose spoliation sanctions where there was no evidence that the destruction was intentional and where, at the time of the destruction, there was no duty to preserve.


The problems of evidence in the ‘politics of finance’ thesis.

On Palco--Already, we can see that, if anything, this article is shaping up with a degree of hostility to environmental protestors - and so it continues.


Humboldt Planning and development battles... more on Rob Arkley’s land holdings

more on Humboldt county planning

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