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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wind farm project moves forward in Santa Barbara County

2/11/2009--A groundbreaking wind farm project is approved in Santa Barbara County, but the controversy surrounding it is just beginning.

With a vote of 4-0, the county Board of Supervisors approved to move forward with a wind turbine project. It would include up to 65 wind turbine generators.

This is the first "green" and renewable power generating facility in the county's history. The project, proposed by Acciona Wind Energy USA, can provide electricity to as many as 40,000 homes.

George Bedford lives on a 425-acre property on San Miguelito Canyon in Lompoc, a quiet countryside ranch he has owned since the early 1990s. But his view may soon change.
The wind farm will stretch over about 3,000 acres near Vandenberg Air Force Base and surround Bedford's ranch.

…Fish and Game also filed an appeal, but withdrew it. An agreement with Acciona gave Fish and Game some protected property and $50,000.

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