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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wildlands Conservancy Saves 5832 Acre Ranch in Northern Mendocino County

The Wildlands Conservancy acquired the 5,832-acre Spy Rock Ranch. The scenic Spy Rock Preserve has five miles of Eel River frontage and draws its name from the 540-foot conical rock promontory that rises from its eastern shore. It is 11 air miles northwest of Covelo in pastoral Round Valley and 10 river miles from Dos Rios (and 14 miles straight east from the town of Leggett and highway 101) . The habitat is a mosaic of white oak, live oak, maple, and bay laurel woodlands, grasslands and clustered stands of fir. From dramatic rock outcroppings to year-round creek bottoms roam abundant wildlife including deer, mountain lions, bears, and bobcats. Bald eagles, osprey, and Pacific pond turtles occur on the river frontage. Anadromous fish species include chinook and coho salmon, as well as steelhead trout.


$2.9 million

"The Spyrock Ranch is approximately 5,832 acres of beautiful hill land fronting approximately four miles of the Eel River, providing a remote paradise for the nature lover, outdoor sportsman, or trail rider.
Spyrock Ranch is just north of Round Valley, which is often referred to as "Nature's Hideaway." Some 160 miles north of San Francisco, Round Valley is the largest area of flat land in Mendocino County. Noted for its picturesque landscapes and towering valley oaks, Round Valley is the western entrance to the Mendocino National Forest and Yolla Bolly Wilderness. A 3,300+/- foot paved and night-lighted runway provides easy access into the valley for private aircraft.
The ranch is located in Mendocino County, nine miles north of Dos Rios on the Eel River and 11 air miles northwest of Covelo in Round Valley. Travel to the Ranch is by county road north of Covelo, then through neighboring ranches on dirt roads, to the Ranch's eastern boundary line. Travel time from Covelo to the Ranch gate is about one hour."
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