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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Threat Resurfaces to Whittier-Chino Hills Wildlife Corridor in L.A.

from Winter 2009 newsletter


The proposed Pacific Heights subdivision in Hacienda Heights has sprung to life again. The developer hopes to create 47 single family lots on 114 acres next to Schabarum Park and within the Powder Canyon Significant Ecological Area. They would need to grade over one million cubic yards of dirt and remove 126 oak trees while also encroaching into a protected zone to remove another 20 oak trees. Access to the housing project will be through Apple Creek Lane.

The Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report is available at:

The project number is 92-027 and comments are due March 18th to:


An elevated highway in the median of the 91 freeway has been proposed as one way to address the traffic congestion in the narrow Santa Ana Canyon. The Riverside County Transportation Commission staff proposed the entry and exit structure to this elevated freeway be placed directly over the Coal Canyon Wildlife Corridor. This proposed placement has just been dropped from consideration after strong objections from Park supporters.


In March 2008, Hills For Everyone sued Metropolitan Water District (MWD) and State Parks over a planned access road through the State Park and up a steep walnut woodland to the MWD plant in Yorba Linda. We settled the lawsuit with MWD. Although a road will be built into Telegraph Canyon, we will also be able to expand the State Park to protect many more acres of walnut woodland than will be destroyed by the road.

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