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Monday, March 9, 2009

A Look at the 36,000 acres of "Watershed Lands" in Alameda and Santa Clara counties owned by the San Francisco Public Utilities District

The Alameda Watershed lands are split between Alameda (23,000 acres) and Santa Clara (13,000 acres) Counties and contain two reservoirs -- the San Antonio Reservoir to the north and the Calaveras Reservoir to the south. Highway I-680 and Route 84 meet in the northern portion of the Watershed, and Calaveras Road extends north-south down the center. Milpitas and Fremont lie to the west and Pleasanton and Livermore are located to the northeast. The SFPUC Alameda Watershed lands include 30,000 acres of primary watershed, lands which are tributary to San Antonio and Calaveras Reservoirs as well as lands which drain into Alameda Creek above the proposed Fish Release and Recapture Facility. The primary watershed lands are the most sensitive lands in terms of water quality protection. SFPUC Alameda Watershed Lands also include 6,000 acres of secondary watershed. These are lands where runoff enters Alameda Creek below the proposed Fish Release and Recapture Facility and is not currently captured for water supply purposes. ...

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