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Monday, March 9, 2009

In Sonoma County: 871 Acres
Nearly Saved; North County faces Sprawl Threat; Sonoma Mountain is Saved; Meet the Caretakers of a Grassland in Petaluma

Renowned Sonoma Coast Ranch
Poised for Conservation Redwood Forest Would Be Managed as Center for Climate Stewardship

The Pacific Forest Trust is working diligently to complete the purchase of Stewarts Point Ranch, an 871-acre property considered one of the most important unprotected coastal redwood tracts in Sonoma County. PFT would hold and manage the property as an educational center and working model of forest stewardship that sustains wood, water, wildlife and a well-balanced climate.

Among its outstanding features are a full mile of scenic bluffs fronting the Pacific Ocean, a significant stretch of the South Fork of the Gualala River critical for its salmon habitat and 750 acres of well-managed, older Coastal Redwood and Douglas fir forest sustained by its longtime owners, Arch and Jack Richardson, through a family trust.

Management of Stewarts Point would resemble that of our Van Eck Forest Project, where our forestry provides a broad array of environmental and economic benefits including sustainable production of wood products, climate benefits from permanently increased CO2 storage, enhanced biodiversity and public access. Located only two and a half hours north of San Francisco, the close proximity of Stewarts Point to the greater Bay Area would enable PFT to offer regular field trips, media tours and other in-the-forest experiences.

California's fiscal problems, however, have made it much more difficult to find the needed dollars to conserve this extraordinary ranch and sustain its legacy of stewardship. We are therefore seeking further assistance from committed PFT supporters like you. Please contact John Bernstein at 415.561.0700 x12 or to find out how you can help.

Read more on their blog:


Cloverdale, in north Sonoma County along Hwy 101--The city’s redrafted general plan, the document that will guide growth until 2025, anticipates annexing Asti, site of the historic Italian Swiss Colony winery, but leaving out some of the vineyards and agricultural lands in between…The discussion is heating up as the city prepares to finalize its new general plan, which foresees Cloverdale’s population of 8,600 growing to 12,000 by 2025.


California: Hike to the top of Sonoma mountain with me. At the very top of Sonoma Mountain, there is a ranch, and in the middle of that ranch there is a meadow, and in the middle of that meadow there is a cairn of rocks. If you stand on those rocks, as a contingent of visitors did on Dec. 30, you can see, roughly, forever in every direction. Or at least to the horizon of the Pacific Ocean and, sometimes, the Sierra crest. That multi-million-dollar view ($9,950,000 to be exact), and the 283 acres surrounding those rocks, is now public property, and will be accessible to everyone as soon as some trail construction, fence-moving and management planning is in place.


Petaluma—in Sonoma County-Preserving the 11.22 acres on Paula Lane at Sunset Drive will lead to habitat preservation, public amenities, on-site caretakers, and educational programs in organic gardening and habitat restoration. To learn more about the Open Space Preserve, please visit their website...

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