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Monday, February 16, 2009

State Budget Crisis Halts Most Tax $$ for Land Purchases

San Diego River Group Appeals for Cash

From which has preserved a portion of the San Diego River is feeling the pinch.

Highlights of their work over the past 9 years:
--$16 million in State grants for 100 acre land purchase and river restoration project raised.
--Hanson Aggregates pledges to donate 22 acres to the River park for development of a Nature Center, trailhead and picnic park.

If, however, we were not able to raise enough money, Lakeside's River Park Conservancy would remain but in a vastly diminished form.

Here is what would be left...

The 100 acres along Highway 67 (where our offices are located) and the trail were purchased and developed with public funds. This would remain. The land is protected and can't be sold and the trail, which will remain open to the public, has been dedicated to the County.

We have sufficient funds to keep this year's newly planted plants alive but we would have no money for other activities and the River Park would fall silent...

Our project continues to do its important work. The new transitory storage basin, aka The Pit, is capturing water and holding it, letting it percolate down into the water table. Our constructed wetlands are working. Water flowing from streets and yards and Hwy 67 is flowing through the wetland and being treated before it is discharged into the San Diego River. The trail is open and even in the rain visitors are enjoying it.

We are finishing off the planting of California natives (bought and paid for before the budget freeze) so they become semi-established with winter rains. If you look carefully you will see all sort of new plants in the ground near Industry Road. If you look over near the Bostonia House from Hwy 67 you will see a green haze over the landscape from seeds planted in the fall.

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