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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sonoma Mountain Ranch protected!

1/2009--Our year ended on a high note with escrow closing on Sonoma Mountain Ranch on December 30. This spectacular mountaintop property became available in September and Land Trust and Open Space District staff pulled out all the stops to pull the purchase together in record time. As SLT conservation director Wendy Eliot said, “People can hike to the tops of Mt. Tam, Mt. St. Helena, Mt. Diablo and San Bruno Mountain, and now they’ll be able to hike to the top of Sonoma Mountain, too.” The purchase cost was $9.95 million; the Land Trust put up the initial $125,000 to secure the contract, the Open Space District contributed $8.45 million and the Coastal Conservancy supplied $1.5 million. Special thanks to our real estate broker, Kirsten Lindquist of Sotheby’s, who donated $50,000 of her commission to the Sonoma Land Trust so that we can move just as quickly on the next prime opportunity that comes our way.

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