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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Plastics Industry Lawsuit Halts Bag Ban--for now

To our Readers: plastic bags and other plastic trash are a huge problem for our oceans, beaches, creeks, storm drains and bulging landfills. The more we can mandate the elimination of plastic with renewable products, the better.

--the editor

2/21/2009, excerpted from:

A Superior Court judge Friday rejected Manhattan Beach's ban on plastic carryout bags, ruling that the city should have first fully studied its potential environmental consequences.

Judge David Yaffe decided that the city must consider that a proliferation of paper bags, a likely result of banning plastic carriers, could harm the environment.

Believing a full environmental analysis was unnecessary, the city conducted an initial study and found no significant threat to the environment from the ban.

Opponents, however, argued that eliminating the option of plastic bags in stores would only lead to the proliferation and littering of paper bags, and pointed to studies showing that paper sacks require more energy to produce, consume more space in landfills and emit more methane gases during decomposition.

Yaffe ruled Friday that an environmental impact report would settle the paper vs. plastic debate, Wadden said...

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