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Monday, February 16, 2009

Northern Sierra Partnership Launched

February 2009--5 conservation groups have joined in an effort to protect more than 100,000 acres in California's northern Sierra Nevada. The groups will work to attract $75-$100 million in private conservation funding to leverage $225-$300 million in federal, state and local funds. Other goals are to build regional support for land and water conservation, address the impacts of climate change, encourage sustainable economies in the northern Sierra, and serve as a model for nonprofit collaboration in other regions.

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Collaborating to Conserve

Northern Sierra's rapid growth threatens open space and drinking water
Nearly half of the land in the northern Sierra is privately owned, and threatened by the rapid pace of change in California. Population growth is driving an influx of new home, golf course, and ski resort development to the region, jeopardizing the source of clean drinking water for much of California and imperiling precious habitat.

Five conservation groups join forces
In October 2008, TPL and four other conservation organizations — Feather River Land Trust, Truckee Donner Land Trust, Sierra Business Council, and The Nature Conservancy — joined forces to create The Northern Sierra Partnership (NSP), a unique alliance whose goal is to protect 100,000 acres of the northern Sierra's highest-priority land and waters over the next five years.

Comprehensive plan secures resources for future generations
By developing a comprehensive plan that integrates land protection, restoration, policy development and community enhancement projects, TPL and its partners are working to ensure that the Sierra's remarkable natural, cultural, and recreational resources-and California's drinking water-will be protected for future generations.

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