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Friday, February 20, 2009

Northeast SF Bay--Concord Naval Base Redevelopment-Preservation Proposal Approved by City Council

NOTE: The Council chose the less-open space proposal of two, but, still substantially over half of the site will be preserved as natural open spaces or parks

2/20/2009 from

Planning for the reuse of the 5,028 acre Concord Naval Weapons Station (Inland Area) will take many years. On January 11th, however we reached an important milestone. The Concord City Council chose a preferred project and forwarded it to the Navy. Environmental analysis of the project can now be completed.

The plan includes:
- 3,200 acres of public parks and open space (including a 2,400 acre Regional Park and several 4-mile long linear parks)
- protection of the ridgeline
- protected riparian corridor along Mt. Diablo creek
- protection of endangered species habitat
- completion of major recreational trails and facilities
- a Cal State campus
- affordable housing and homeless housing facilities
- and more... You can read more about our progress in our next Diablo Watch newsletter.

Thanks to all of you who showed support at the City Council meetings or wrote letters - you helped convince the council to choose this alternative reuse plan. We are very pleased to be working together with many partners and will continue to work with them to ensure the implementation of the plan includes something for everyone.

more info:

to read the staff report comparing the two proposals which were the Council-chosen 12,000 home "Clustered Villages" alternative with 3200 acres of open space, and the 10,000 home "Concentration and Conservation" alternative with 3700 acres of open space out of the 5028 acre base property:

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