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Wednesday, January 7, 2009



Save Mount Diablo 11/20/2008 news:

Throughout the East Bay (not just around Mt. Diablo) another 30 to 35,000 acres will be acquired and hundreds of recreational projects will be funded during the next twenty years. …In the past twelve months Save Mount Diablo has protected six parcels (through acquisition and land use planning) totaling 399 acres. In addition we are about to transfer our 333-acre Chaparral Spring property to East Bay Regional Park District so that it can be opened to the public. We owned Chaparral Spring for fourteen years until the Park District was ready to manage it….Despite the economic downturn, development threats continue. We helped stop two attempts to break the County Urban Limit line and have responded to 42 other development applications, 14 of which have been largely completed. They range from a single house-site to the reuse of the 5,000 acre Concord Naval Weapons Station.

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