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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

12,000 acres added to Weaverville Community Forest Southwest of Mount Shasta

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12/25/2008--A 13,000-acre forest around Weaverville is now under the watch of the community. The five-member board of the Trinity County Resource Conservation District voted 5-0 late Tuesday afternoon to add 12,000 acres to the 1,000-acre Weaverville Community Forest, said Pat Frost, the resource conservation district manager....Although still considered part of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, the 12,000 acres north of Weaverville will be managed by the district on the behalf of the public...

The district's new agreement with the Forest Service is a 10-year stewardship contract. Heywood said she sees the agreement as the start of a "closer, deeper" relationship between the Forest Service and people who live in and near the woods in Trinity County.
The district already is interested in adding another nearby 2,100 acres of land currently managed by the BLM to the Weaverville Community Forest, but Frost said talks with the agency likely won't start until next year.

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