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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pacific Lumber settlement may be brewing

John Driscoll The Times-Standard

The Pacific Lumber Co. asked the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to break hearings mid-stride Tuesday so key parties, including Mendocino Redwood Co., can try to carve out a settlement.

In a surprise announcement in Corpus Christi, Texas, Palco attorney Shelby Jordan told Judge Richard Schmidt that the company had spent the past 30 hours working out a potentially consensual plan. The proposal would fit within the boundaries of the plan by Palco creditor Marathon Structured Finance Fund and Mendocino Redwood, Jordan said.

The proposal would not require going back to creditors for a vote, Jordan said. That suggests the reorganization plan would keep with Mendocino's desire to run the mill in Scotia and for Marathon to run the town.

At the time of the announcement, the negotiations did not appear to include the creditors whose $714 million loan is secured by Palco subsidiary Scotia Pacific's 210,000 acres of timber. But the noteholders' attorney, Bill Greendyke, agreed to the interruption, adding that if a settlement is reached, Palco would forego arguing for its own plan.

Essentially, the proposed deal would be a settlement among Marathon, Mendocino Redwood, Palco, Scotia Pacific and Palco's parent company, Maxxam Inc. If a settlement is reached, Maxxam and Palco would support the Mendocino plan, and scrap its own unlikely and controversial plan.

That could help push a settlement between all the parties and speed the case to an end. The announcement changes the tone somewhat after mediated talks between Mendocino Redwood and the bond holders last week failed to produce an agreement.

”The settlement, of course, is in process, and it's not done,” Mendocino Redwood Chairman Sandy Dean told the Times-Standard by phone from Corpus Christi Tuesday. “Mendocino Redwood is interested in settling with as many parties as possible.”

The announcement came after a representative for the indentured trustee Bank of New York, representing the noteholders, testified about an amended offer to buy the timberlands by Beal Bank. The bank is owned by investor and poker player Andy Beal, and its subsidiary, Scotia Redwood Foundation, has put in a bid of $603 million.

If the plan is confirmed by the court, it could lead to an auction of the timberlands. Bank of New York Vice President Chris Matthews testified in court Tuesday that he's confident the foundation's bid is real, and that bids would be forthcoming on the property once the “cloud of uncertainty” -- the bankruptcy process -- is lifted.

But a revised term sheet from the foundation apparently failed to make corrections promised by a Beal Bank official during earlier hearings. Matthews said he hadn't seen estimates of expenses for administrative claims, board members or for the sales process and what that might mean for what the noteholders can recover.

”It's a very real offer,” Matthews said.

Questioning by Mendocino Redwood and Marathon attorneys appeared directed at the uncertainty of the foundation's bid, and at how the company would be operated. The judge also raised concerns about the treatment of Scotia Pacific's unsecured creditors under the revised term sheet. Greendyke said there was a realization that those creditors would have to be “crammed down,” or would need to take less than they're owed.

”That is not an insignificant change,” Schmidt said.

Marathon attorney David Neier said the issue, and others regarding employee benefits, was not fully disclosed to creditors.

”Now they're rejecting all those claims,” Neier said. “I think their plan is patently unconfirmable as of today.”

A progress report is expected this morning.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Over 130,000 acres of Wildlife Habitat Were Saved in California Land Acquisitions by State and Federal Agencies and Local Land Trusts As Reported between the beginning of September 2007 to the end of April 2008:


Southern California:
San Diego County: 6266 acres
Orange County: 27 acres
Riverside County: 4578 acres
Los Angeles County: 2172 acres

Central Coast:
Ventura County: 2638 acres
Santa Barbara County: 4066 acres
San Luis Obispo County: 230 acres
Monterey County: 4443 acres
San Benito County: 1967 acres
Santa Cruz County: 253 acres

San Francisco Bay Area:
Contra Costa County: 2000 acres
Sonoma County: 2892 acres
Marin County: 993 acres
San Mateo County: 2215 acres
Santa Clara County: 29,227 acres
Napa County: 1277 acres

Central Valley and Sierra Nevadas:
Shasta County: 141 acres
Lassen and Modoc Counties: 2180 acres
Placer County: 21 acres
El Dorado County: 440 acres
Nevada County: 1343 acres
Sierra County: 725-Acres
Glenn County: 259 acres
Fresno County: 681 acres
Madera County: 1799 acres
Kern County: 236 acres
Mono County: 4341 acres

North Coast:
Mendocino County: 50,224 acres
Humboldt County: 4673 acres
Del Norte County: 9.5 acres




WCB is Wildlife Conservation Board

CC is the Coastal Conservancy

State Parks Dept. was checked and no purchases were announced in this period.

Also, see the Land Trust Alliance’s page on recent purchases:



San Diego County:

--950 acres by WCB 2-20-2008, Ramona Grasslands, Expansion 2, $25,000

--Over 100 Acres Saved at San Diego River, Eagle Peak Preserve, 5-8-07

--204 Acres Added to San Diego River Park Within National Forest Boundary


--1206 acres, North San Diego County’s Margarita Peak, 8/2007 by WCB and Fallbrook Land Conservancy and is part of the Marine Corps Camp Pendleton buffer and open space connectivity program.

--1,000 acres expansion of Anza-Borrego Desert park by Nature Conservancy

--476 acres by WCB 5-22-2008, Ramona Grasslands, Expansion 3, $5,000, located west of the community of Ramona, in San Diego County.

--230 acres by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for $4.9 million for land in the East Elliot and Otay Mesa areas
--1080 acres by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for $600,000 for land in the Jacumba area for the Quino's checkerspot butterfly
--1020 acres by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for $1 million in the La Posta area


Orange County:

--16.6 acres CC 11-2007: disburse an amount up to $860,000 to the Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy to acquire the 16.6-acre University of California Riverside property at Brookhurst Marsh in Huntington Beach, Orange County.

(--100 acres by WCB 2-20-2008: Hellman Wetlands in Seal Beach, $6,100,000; item was pulled from agenda for ???? reason)

--10.38-acre SBD Property near the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park by CC 4-24-2008


Riverside County:

--998 acres total by WCB 11-15-2007 to be Purchased in Riverside County:

--18+ acres at Wilson Creek, located south of Hemet;

--352 acres at Wilson Creek;

--172+ acres located along the Interstate 15 corridor;

--100 acres located in the Santa Rosa Mountains area south of the city of La Quinta, in Riverside County;

--30 acres Santa Rosa Plateau, Tenaja Corridor;

--6 acres north of the city of Murrieta;

--320 acre addition to Coachella Valley Ecological Reserve, Edom Hill Unit, located southeast of the city of Desert Hot Springs.

--321 acres of land was dedicated Tuesday to the Coachella Valley Fringe-toed Lizard Preserve. The 321-acre parcel is part of an 8,880-acre acquisition that serves as a wildlife movement corridor between the preserve and Joshua Tree National Park.

All of the following are by the WCB on 5-22-2008:

--80 acres at Coachella Valley Ecological Reserve (Edom Hill Unit) $5,000.00 Expansion 31, a cooperative project with the Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy to acquire fee title to 80± acres located southeast of the City of Desert Hot Springs, in Riverside County.
--91 acres at San Jacinto Wildlife Area, Expansion 30, $400,000, acquisition of a conservation easement over 91± acres as an addition to the Department of Fish and Game's San Jacinto Wildlife Area located southwest of Mystic Lake, near Lakeview.

--10 acres at Santa Rosa Mountains Wildlife Area, Expansions 9 and 10, $280,000 as additions to the Department of Fish and Game’s Santa Rosa Mountains Wildlife Area; located west of Jefferson Street and south of Avenue 62, in the City of La Quinta, in Riverside County.
--36 acres at Triple Creeks Conservation Area, Expansion 3, $5,000 to acquire fee title to 36± acres located west of State Highway 79, south of Scott Road in Murrieta, in Riverside County.
--102 acres south of Hemet, Western Riverside County MSHCP, Expansion 3, $5,000 to acquire fee title to 102± acres located approximately eight miles south of Hemet, in Riverside County.

--71 acres at El Sobrante, $2,504,700 to acquire fee title to 71± acres located within the Department of Fish and Game’s Natural Community Conservation Plan area, northeast of the City of Wildomar, south of Lake Elsinore, in Riverside County.

--2869 acres by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for $466,000 at the Santa Rosa Mountains



Santa Monica Mountains:

-total of 825 acres at Corral Canyon in Malibu, by CC and WCB:

Rancho Corral

--10 acres Saddle Peak, by MRCA, by donation

--29-acre conservation easement donation adjacent to Liberty Canyon, Agoura Hills.

L.A. County Funds Major Land Purchases in Santa Monica Mountains

The projects, funded by a combination of sources, are:

--18 acres Lindero Creek

--8 acres Upper Topanga Canyon Trail between Summit to Summit at Henry Ridge Motorway

--266 acres Cold Creek Trail

--99 acres Cold Creek High Trail

--80 acres Upper Solstice Canyon

-199 acres Corral Canyon

San Gabriel Mountains:

--262+ acres by WCB 11-15-2007 in the city of Glendora,

--400 acres in Elsmere Canyon, adjacent to Angeles National Forest. This property connects the thousands of acres of parks in the Santa Monica Mountains, Simi Hills and Santa Susana Mountains with the Angeles National Forest and parks in the east half of L.A. County! This pinch point is just north of Sylmar and Granada Hills and south of Santa Clarita.

--175 acres in Verdugo Mountains and San Rafael Hills in Glendale, donated by developer




--10 acre Santa Monica Mountains Backbone Trail land connector purchased

--2400 acre Simi Hills Rocketdyne site will be donated to public after cleanup of toxics; Parcel is Vital Link in Parks Corridor Connecting Santa Monica Mountains and Open Spaces in North L.A. and Ventura Counties

--228 acres at Santa Clara River by CC 4-24-2008


Santa Barbara County:

--143 acres by CC 1-2008: Paradise Beach for conservation of open space and dunes habitat, Point Sal, northern Santa Barbara County.

--23 acre Carpinteria Ranch is Saved with Conservation Easement

--3900 acres north of Lompoc and on Gaviota coast-- Oil firm, Plains Exploration and foes strike major deal on Santa Barbara Coast; to donate land for preservation if they can tap offshore oil from existing platform.

San Luis Obispo County:

-8 acres by CC 1-2008 and WCB 5-22-2008: for East Sweet Springs property on the south Morro Bay shoreline

--222 acres added to Carrizo Plain National Monument by the federal Bureau of Land Management for $118,500.

--143 acres by CC 1/2008 at Paradise Beach near the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes


Monterey County:

Big Sur Area:

--12 acres by CC 1-2008: disburse up to $500,000 to the Big Sur Land Trust for acquisition of the McWhorter Property for the Carmel River Parkway in Monterey County.

--3200 acre conservation easement at Carmel River’s Violini Ranch funded by the Big Sur Land Trust and The Nature Conservancy. Read full story.

--860 acre Glen Deven Ranch, located above Highway 1 in the hills of Big Sur, is a striking example of the beauty, simplicity and raw power of the area. Land was donated to the Big Sur Land Trust in 2001 More

--160 acres Horse Pasture Preserved by Wilderness Land Trust and donated to U.S. Forest Service (3/2007)

Monterey Peninsula Herald Article

Elkhorn Slough:

--7.47 acres of land by WCB 11-15-2007 as an addition to the Elkhorn Slough Ecological Reserve, located in the town of Castroville in Monterey County,

--204 acres by WCB 2-20-2008, Elkhorn Slough Ecological Reserve, Expansion 17 $3,483,377


--1967 acres given by Nature Conservancy at “Pinnacles Gateway” to National Park Service (4/2006)


Santa Cruz County:

--189 acres by WCB 2-20-2008: Santa Cruz Sandhills $1,510,000.00, located near town of Scotts Valley

--64 acres in Willow Canyon by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service



Sonoma County:

--1235 acres by CC 9-2007: Poff Property for addition to Sonoma Coast State Beach in western Sonoma County.

--1,657+ acres by CC and WCB 11-15-2007 of land located west of Highway 121, south of the city of Sonoma, in Sonoma County; Napa-Sonoma Marshes Wildlife Area, Tolay Creek Unit known as Roche Ranch

Contra Costa County:

--2000 acres by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to save red-legged frog habitat

Marin County:

--750 acres by CC 9-2007: acquire a conservation easement over the 750-acre Poncia Ranch south of the town of Tomales, in western Marin County.

--243 acres by CC 11/2007; buy conservation easement at the Tomales Farm and Dairy in west Marin County.

San Mateo County:

--206 acres bought by POST at Wavecrest Property in Half Moon Bay
Read full story. (posted 2/1/2008)

--3.67 acre Pillar Point Bluff: The $495,000 acquisition will be added to POST’s Pillar Point Bluff property, 119 acres that surround the new purchase on two sides. Read full story. (posted 1/8/2008)

--1047 acre Mindego Hill bought by POST, located Along Skyline Ridge

Read full story. (posted 10/12/07)

--952 acres conservation easement south of Half Moon Bay donated 4/2/2008

--6.4 acres at Brisbane Acres by CC 4/24/2008

Santa Clara County:

--28,359 acre conservation easement near San Jose – A huge stretch of land near Mount Hamilton that is nearly the size of San Francisco has been donated as a conservation easement by the Hewlett and Packard families to protect the property from development, the Nature Conservancy said Sunday. The protection of the 28,359-acre San Felipe Ranch from development will complete a 70-mile long corridor of protected natural lands that extends from Pacheco Pass to Livermore Valley, according to the conservancy.

--868 acres by CC 1-2008: acquire the Blair Ranch in Morgan Hill for habitat preservation, open space protection, public access and incidental agricultural use. Purchase made in conjunction with POST Read full story

Napa County:

--1000 acres at the Duff Ranch by CC 4/24/2008, located northeast of Calistoga

--120 acres by CC 1-2008: acquisition of property interests in the 120-acre Smith-Madrone Property adjacent to Bothe-Napa Valley State Park in Napa County, for the protection of natural resources and public access.

--157 acres by CC 1-2008: disburse up to $485,000 to the Regents of the University of California for the acquisition of approximately 157 acres for inclusion in the Quail Ridge Reserve located on the south shore of Lake Berryessa in Napa County.



Shasta County:

--141 acres by WCB 5-22-2008, Mouth of Cottonwood Creek Wildlife Area $1,745,000, Balls Ferry Unit, Expansion 2, as an addition to the Department of Fish and Game's Mouth of Cottonwood Creek Wildlife Area located east of the community of Cottonwood, in Shasta County.

Lassen and Modoc Counties:

--2180 acres including 86 miles of railroad track by WCB 5-22-2008. Rails to Trails, Modoc Line $420,000, a grant to the Lassen Land and Trails Trust for a cooperative acquisition with the Department of Fish and Game, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Sierra Nevada Conservancy to buy the rail line running north from the town of Wendel, in Lassen County and ending south of Alturas, in Modoc County.

Placer County:

--21 acres at the Big Gun property, by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to save red-legged frog habitat

El Dorado County:

--80+ acres by WCB 11-15-2007 of vacant land in El Dorado County, Pine Hill Ecological Reserve, Salmon Falls Unit

--40 acres by WCB 2-20-2008: South Fork American River, Lower Canyon Unit near the community of Pilot Hill, Expansion 2, $360,000

--320 acres by WCB 2-20-2008,Upper Cosumnes River Basin (north fork), Expansion 2 $1,465,000,

Nevada County:

--1343 acres donated at the Truckee River (WCB 11-15-2007): by the Truckee Donner Land Trust to the Department of Fish and Game; Truckee River Wildlife Area, Gray Creek Canyon Unit,

Sierra County:

--725-Acre Working Forest Conservation Easement Nears Completion; 1-2008: Turner Creek Ranch Project Helps Safeguard the southwest Sierra Valley
PFT is pleased to announce our latest working forest conservation easement - the Turner Creek Ranch Project - is set to close by year's end. Turner Creek Ranch is a 725-acre working landscape that supports cattle grazing, hay farming and sustainable timber harvests. The Ranch has been owned by the Turner family for more than 150 years and is currently stewarded by Russell and Elva Turner.

Glenn County:

--259 acre conservation easement by WCB 2-20-2008 at Bird Haven Ranch, $440,000,

located off of County Road 67, east of Afton, adjacent to the Department of Fish and Game's Upper Butte Basin Wildlife Area.

Madera County:

--719 acres at Fine Gold Creek Saved (7-27-07) by Sierra Foothills Conservancy and the Trust for Public Land

--1080 acres by WCB 5-22-2008, Millerton Preserve (Ecker Ranch) $3,015,000, a grant to the California Rangeland Trust to acquire a conservation easement over 1,080± acres located 25 miles northeast of the City of Madera, near the community of Coarsegold, in Madera County.

Fresno County:

358 acres by WCB 5-22-2008 at Black Mountain Preserve, Expansion 3, $1,150,000, a grant to the Sierra Foothill Conservancy to acquire fee title to land located off of Tollhouse Road, in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, in Fresno County.

--323 acres by WCB 2-20-2008: San Joaquin River Riparian Habitat, Expansion 14 $6,435,500, as an addition to the San Joaquin River Parkway, located northeast

of the City of Fresno,

Kern County:

--40 acres by WCB 2-20-2008 at Canebrake Ecological Reserve, Cap Canyon Unit, Expansion 2, $100,000,

--196 acres by WCB 5-22-2008 at Canebrake Ecological Reserve, Canebrake Creek Unit $404,500, Expansion 3, as an addition to the Department of Fish and Game's Canebrake Ecological Reserve located near the community of Canebrake, northwest of State Highway 178, in eastern Kern County.



Mendocino County:

--160 acres by WCB 2-20-2008: Montgomery Woods, Expansion 1, $255,000, Mendocino County, ten miles northwest of Ukiah.

--50,000 acre Usal forest: Redwood Forests Foundation Now Owns 50,000 Acres in Mendocino County Between Coast and 101 Freeway; Bought from Timber Company with Help from Bank of America

--64 acres of coastal dunes at Mackerricher State Park by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Humboldt County:

--4500 acres upstream of Redwood National Park bought by BLM in 2006: Last year another major part of the Lacks Creek drainage was bought by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management with help from private conservation groups. In a $5.5 million deal including $2.5 million from the Save-the-Redwoods League and money from the Resource Legacy Foundation Fund, 4,500 acres was procured from the Barnum Timber Co., Eel River Sawmills and landowner Veena Menda.

--53 acres by WCB 5-22-2008:. Humboldt Bay Coastal Reserve, Expansions 2 and 3, $495,000, located west of State Highway 255, southwest of Arcata, in Humboldt County.

--120 acres by WCB 5-22-2008 at Jacoby Creek Forest, Expansion 4, $509,000, a grant to the City of Arcata for land approximately seven miles southeast of the City of Arcata, in Humboldt County.

Del Norte County:

--9.5 acres by CC 9-2007: disburse up to $20,000 to the City of Crescent City to complete the Battery Point and Brown Property Feasibility Study for potential acquisition, restoration and public access on 9.5-acres of property on the waterfront in Crescent City, Del Norte County.



Mono County:

--480 acres saved by Eastern Sierra Land trust adjacent to the Mono Basin National Forest Scenic Area.

--80 acres Donated to BLM Near Granite Mountain, Near Mono Lake
1/18/2008:An 80-acre parcel in the eastern Sierras is open for public access following a donation to the Bureau of Land Management Bishop Field Office. The parcel is located in the Granite Mountain Wilderness Study Area, east of Mono Lake. The Wilderness Land Trust recently acquired the land from a willing seller and donated it to the BLM to be managed as public lands.

--3748 acre Former Island in Mono Lake Now Public Land

July 27, 2007. The Wilderness Land Trust acquired the 3,748-acre property from Mel Arthur in 2006 and recently donated it to the BLM

--33 acres by WCB 5-22-2008 at Wheeler Ridge Wildlife Area, Expansion 1, $840,000; a grant to the Eastern Sierra Land Trust to acquire fee title to 33± acres located west of State Highway 395, south of Crowley Lake, in southern Mono County.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


San Mateo County Coastside Landowner Donates Conservation Easement to POST

Gift protects expansive 952-acre ranch along Highway 1.

April 2, 2008

Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) announced today that it has received a donation of a conservation easement on a 952-acre ranch along Highway 1 south of Half Moon Bay. Landowner Kathleen Scutchfield donated the easement, valued at $7.9 million, to preserve the scenic vistas and rich natural resources on the property, known as Toto Ranch.

“I’ve seen how development has been creeping up and down the coast and feel it’s important to make a statement and save this land just as it is, in its open, natural state,” said Scutchfield. “POST has done so much to preserve the character of the Coastside, and I want to see that this beautiful land is protected forever.”

For rest of story:

Weblinks to the maps of properties were taken from agendas for the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy (SMMC) and the Mountains Restoration and Conservation Authority (MRCA)

SMMC 9-27-04

Land Purchases:

Soledad cyn—220 acres

(note: map shows the wrong parcels; actual parcels are to the immediate north)


SMMC 10-25-04

Land Purchases:

Pacoima wash—2.79 acres

Soka-588 acres (purchase finalized in 2005)

Development Proposals:

Castaic high school

Simi-Douglas ranch


SMMC 12-6-04

Land Purchases:

Majors ranch—461.8 acres

(parcels were eventually bought by a private land trust, Fond Land Preservation Foundation )

Prop. 12 parcels list (see page 19-24 for complete list of properties SMMC wants to buy)

Development Proposals:

Canyon hills, includes large gift of land to the SMMC

Cruzan mesa-2200 acres total with 1325 homes and 1604 acres of preserved open space

La Vina, dispute over blocked trails

North Moorpark

Shadow hills—14 homes

Sunshine canyon landfill expansion

Wisteria-sand cyn


SMMC 4-4-05

Land Purchases:

Vista Hermosa/Belmont High School—8 acres

Valley circle-101--4.3 acres

Additions to purchase and restoration workprogram:

Aliso wash-L.A. river—2.75 acres

Aliso-Limekiln canyon –10 acres

Bell creek/Lederer --7 acres

Browns cyn- 11.5 acres

Calabasas creek—6.29 acres

Canoga ave/MTA r.o.w. – 16 acres

Conejo creek north 12.5 acres

Elysian valley/Marsh street park—5 acres

Fryman cyn--0.5 acres

Pacoima wash greenway—180 acres

Plummer-topanga-13.5 acres

Plummer-variel-18 acres

Rockwell-thousand oaks-77 acres

Simi Valley-Moorpark border

Hidden Creek-lower—487 acres

118 Freeway-Los Angeles Avenue Connector-206 acres

Simi valley

Las Llajas Creek Channel daylighting and restoration—10.4 acres

Arroyo Simi-Industrial Park Restoration—44 acres

Development Proposals:

Malibu valley inn-stokes cyn

Mont clef ridge



SMMC 10-24-05

Land Purchases:

Bell creek-9.5 acres

Malibu chili cookoff site—19.7 acres (was eventually bought by the City of Malibu)

Topanga lookout, 20 acres of surplus L.A. County waterworks land bought by SMMC

Joel McCrea ranch park improvements (not land acquisition)


MRCA 11-2-05

Land Purchases:

Topanga lookout—20 acres

Development Proposals:

Shadow hills


SMMC 12-5-05

Land Purchases:

Lindero cyn-18.2 acre purchase from school district

Development Proposals:

Bulwer-laurel cyn

Girard-woodland hills

Pico cyn-casad

Poema rd-chatsworth

Soledad village

Stokes cyn


MRCA 1-11-06

Land Purchases:

Santa Monica Mountains area:

Cheney trail-Topanga—0.14 acres

Corral cyn-17 acres

Topanga—0.16 acres

Stokes cyn -0.25 acres

Topanga-viewridge –4.99 acres

Zuniga-topanga-0.82 acres

Open space easements:

Decker rd

Encinal cyn

Las flores cyn

Santa Susana Mountains:

Deerlake highlands-Chatsworth –0.5 acres

Santa Clara River and Antelope Valley:

East of Acton—7.5 acres

East of Acton—10 acres

East of Acton—Hughes Canyon—62.84 acres

Agua Dulce – 55 acres

Acton—30 acres- Youngs Canyon, south of Escondido Cyn and 14 FWY

Chiquito cyn-val verde--0.99 acre

1.11 acres

Davenport rd-Agua Dulce—1.09 acres

Escondido Canyon-South of 14 FWY—10 acres

Fort tejon-175th road –2.5 acres

Mattox cyn-soledad cyn—80 acres

Peaceful valley-14 freeway—17.1 acres

Placerita cyn—7.2 acres

Ridge route—2.02 acres

Ritter ranch—9.17 acres

Sierra highway –2.45 acres

South Acton-Arrastre Canyon—10 acres

Sunrise-106th street—10 acres

Tick cyn—5.16 acres

Val Verde—21.39 acres


SMMC 1-23-06

Land Purchases:

Chiquito cyn-Val Verde

Deerlake highlands-Chatsworth

Garapito cyn

La Crescenta/Pickens ridge—300 acres

Ramirez—14.4 acres of surplus L.A County land sold to the MRCA

Zuma cyn-2 acres of surplus L.A. County land sold to the MRCA

Tapia park area—3.12 acres of surplus L.A. County land sold to MRCA

Topanga-viewridge-edelman adjacent

Stokes canyon

Development Proposals:

Agoura village

Deer creek rd

Sweetwater mesa


MRCA 2-1-06

Land Purchases:

Trail easement donations:


Malibu cross creek

City of Bell riverfront

Maywood riverfornt

Rio Vista native garden on Rio Hondo river

Deerlake-chatsworth grading easement

Pepperdine-Las Flores cyn-72 acre donation

Bee cyn/Santa Clarita—28 acre conservation easement

2.5 acre donation near Wilacre park/Studio City

Development projects:

Piuma rd drain project


MRCA 2-17-06

Land Purchases:

19 acres of L.A.County surplus land bought by MRCA:



Tapia park adj.


MRCA 2-23-06

Stormwater-CCI study of funding for cleanup


SMMC 2-27-06

Land Purchases:

Tapo cyn/Simi Valley—158.36 acres

Zorro’s cabin-Chatsworth peak-6.1 acres


Malibu trails master plan

Mulholland core trail in L.A. City right of way

Prop 50 projects

Santa clarita wrca budget

2000 workprogram projects status

Development Proposals:

Semi-tropical/elysian park


MRCA 3-1-06

Land Purchases:

Castaic-violin cyn—230 acres

Santa Monica Mountains area:

Agoura-liberty cyn—4 acres

Sherman Oaks-0.11 acres

Beverly glen-0.6 acres

Bubalo-Studio city-0.06 acres

Calabasas peak—0.45 acres

Charmlee park adjacent—2.1 acres

Encino drainage/brush clearance easement

Hernandez bowl/Topanga—20 acres

Hollywood hills-0.11 acres

Kanan dume—4.4 acres

Las Flores cyn—2.76 acres

Marquez cyn-6.42 acres

Stokes cyn—3.5 acres

Topanga-Sylvia park—0.16 acres

0.14 acres

2 acres

Topanga-viewridge-4.99 acres

Topanga-zuniga-0.82 acres

Topanga – 0.27 acres

Laurel Canyon-0.11 acres


SMMC 3-27-06

Land Purchases:

Etz meloy-backbone trail construction

Liberty cyn north

Stokes cyn

East of Ahmanson-64 acres

Development Proposals:

Griffith park

Hidden creek-Chatsworth


MRCA 4-5-06

Land Purchases:

Ballona creek bike trail improvements

Boyle Heights green corridors plan

Cold creek- 5 acre donation

Hollywood hills sewer easement

La Verne—3 acre conservation easement

Rio Dulce ranch-1015 acres in agua dulce

Saddle peak public access easement

Serra retreat parcel sale and retention of conservation easement


MRCA 4-20-06



SMMC 4-24-06

Land Purchases:

Antelope valley Resource Conservation District and SMMC overlap map

L.A. River-Ballona

Mont Clef ridge/Thousand Oaks—18.67 acres, South Coast Wildlands-Thousand Oaks map and S.M. mtns map

Tapo cyn park improvements

Development Proposals:

Corral cyn

Mancara-sand cyn

Zuma cyn-bonsall


MRCA 5-3-06

Land Purchases:

Santa Clara River and Antelope Valley area:

South of Quail lake-80 acres

Agua Dulce-Rio Dulce ranch—1015 acres

Ritter ranch—0.41 acres

Saddleback Butte-41.25 acres

Santa Clarita-L.A. aqueduct-0.73 acres

Soledad cyn-25 acres

41 acres

Devil’s Punchbowl area-13.5 acres

Big Rock Wash, 35 acres

Pearblossom, 124 acres

Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve, 256 acres

110th St. E, 38 acres

240th St E, 63 acres

230th ST E, 10 acres

Carl Gerhardy Wildlife Refuge, 143 acres

Potrero cyn, 10.6 acres

Other areas:

Open space or scenic easements:

Corral cyn




Ballona creek

Big Tujunga cyn, 5.07 acres

Browns cyn—4.21 acres

Calabasas park fiber optic cable easement

Compton creek

La Crescenta/Blanchard Canyon, 0.06 acres

Nichols cyn, donation of conservation easement

Sage ranch/south-Woolsey cyn, 9.28 acres

Serra retreat land sale and keeping of conservation easement

Shadow hills-32 acre conservation easement


SMMC 5-22-06

Land Purchases:

101-Valley circle, 4.3 acres (??)

Compton creek restoration opportunity sites

Development Proposals:

405-sm mtns

Alamos cyn

Dark cyn-quaker



MRCA 6-7-06

Land Purchases:

MRCA workprogram

La Crescenta-Blanchard cyn--0.06 acres

East of 405-sm mtns purchase proposals

Etz Meloy/Backbone Trail construction

Fernwood-1.18 acres

Sherman oaks—1.4 acres


SMMC 6-26-06

Land Purchases:


Stough cyn-Verdugo mtns park improvements

Development Proposals:

El sereno

Moorpark-hitch ranch

Moorpark mines

Mt. Washington


MRCA 6-26-06

Land Purchases:

Antelope Valley-Fairmont Buttes, 9.27 acres

Los Feliz--0.4 acre conservation easement


Portal Ridge/north of Santa Clarita, 5 acres

80 acres,


MRCA 7-12-06

Land Purchases:

Agua Dulce-15.15 acres

Compton creek

Laurel cyn, donation of conservation easement

Lechuza beach access easements

Mountaingate trails

Nichols cyn-Trebek mortgaging of park to finance other projects

Simi-Parker-3 acres

Dark cyn-Quaker/open space easement

Tejon ranch-condors

Texas cyn-Santa Clarita area—280 acre donation

Woodland hills-Dry cyn-2.2. acres


SMMC 7-31-06

Land Purchases:

Hansen dam


Development Proposals:

L.A. County SM Mtns LUP/LCP

Latigo cyn-Willmott lane


MRCA 7-31-06

Land Purchases:

Hansen dam wetland restoration


Runyan cyn/Curson Canyon-20 acres

Woodland hills-Dry cyn—2.2. acres


MRCA 8-17-06

Land Purchases:

Alamos cyn-2.66 acres


MRCA 9-6-06

Land Purchases:

Calabasas grade-15 acres adjacent to 101 freeway

Iron cyn-sand cyn/Santa Clarita-16.3 acres

Monte nido-0.09 acres

Topanga-Sylvia park-58 acres purchase from L.A. County


SMMC 9-18-06

Land Purchases:

Alamos cyn-2.66 acres

Calabasas grade-15 acres

Ramirez-escondido cyn-winding way access

Topanga-sylvia park-58 acres


MRCA 9-18-06

Land Purchases:

Assorted Malibu trail and easement dedications



Big rock wash-Palmdale-12.7 acres

Cold creek--0.09 acres

Lake Sherwood-hidden valley trail easement


Pico cyn-27.6 acres conservation easement

Santa Clarita-Via Princessa—35 acres

Simi-Wood ranch-42 acres

Topanga blvd.-0.31 acres


MRCA 10-4-06

Land Purchases:

Bell creek—restoration plan for 1/3rd acre dedication from condo project

Ballona creek bike trail enhancements

Pacoima—8th street park improvements

Big sky-simi--0.33 acre conservation easement

Chatsworth-Devil cyn-6.5 acres

Sand cyn—30 acres

Winding way-Escondido cyn-trail easement


SMMC 10-23-06

Land Purchases:

Calabasas grade-15 acres


Development Proposals:


Lyons ranch-newhall

Malibu civic center-la paz


MRCA 10-23-06

Land Purchases:

Calabasas grade-15 acres

Ramirez Escondido

Pico Rivera -1.01 acres in San Gabriel River

Shadow hills--0.77 acres


MRCA 11-1-06

Land Purchases:

127 acres of surplus L.A. County land transferred to the MRCA:



--Topanga/Sylvia Park

Sage ranch cell towers

Pico Rivera-1.01 acres

Calabasas Grade-15 acres

Shadow Hills-0.77 acres


SMMC 11-20-06

Land Purchases:

Beverly glen-Laurel cyn, numerous small surplus L.A. city props, City wants to sell to SMMC

Development Proposals:

Corral cyn

Malibu civic center-la paz

Pacific view road


MRCA 11-20-06

Land Purchases:

Browns cyn/Santa Susana Mountains -0.21 acres

Woolsey cyn-Simi Hills-9.28 acres

Big Tujunga cyn—5.07 acres

Properties in Santa Clara River and Antelope Valley areas:

Potrero cyn-stevenson ranch—10.6 acres

Quail lake-80 acres

Ritter ranch- 0.41 acres

Saddleback butte -41.25 acres

Soledad cyn-41 acres

Acton-25 acres

Between AV Poppy Preserve and Angeles NF-257 acres

Alpine Butte area—35 acres

Pearblossom-125 acres

Devil’s Punchbowl -13.5 acres

East of Edwards AFB -55.73 acres

110th St E -38.5 acres

Carl Gerhardy preserve adjacent -143 acres

230th ST E-10 acres

240th ST E -10 acres


SMMC 11-29-06

Land Purchases:

Happy camp cyn-creek channel improvements

Tujunga creek-L.A. basin OS map


MRCA 11-29-06

Land Purchases:

Woodland Hills-- ¼ acre


MRCA 12-6-06

Land Purchases:

Antelope valley-Kern Co line and North of AV Poppy preserve —61 acres

3 acres in SM Mtns. east of 405 freeway:

Beechwood cyn

Bel air

Benedict cyn

Beverly glen

Bubalo-studio city

Sherman oaks

Stone cyn

Cold creek trail easement

Compton creek and L.A. River/Lynwood improvements project

Las Flores cyn—1 acre conservation easement

Tarzana-1.3 acres

Woodland hills -0.11 acres


MRCA 1-12-07

Land Purchases:

Compton creek-1.12 acres

Topanga-- 2 acres


SMMC 1-22-07

Land Purchases:

Ramirez-escondido planning


MRCA 1-22-07

Land Purchases:

Ramirez-escondido planning


MRCA 2-7-07

Land Purchases:

Chatsworth peak -4.95 acres

Fernwood-hernandez bowl—1 acre conservation easement

L.A. River bikeway-Marsh park connector project

Ballona-Milton st.-1.2 acres

Natoma/Woodland Hills conservation easement

Pacific View Rd./Deer Creek Canyon-12 acre conservation easement

Pico cyn park access

Runyan cyn

Mulholland Drive/Hollywood Hills conservation easement –next to 2 homes


SMMC 2-26-07

Land Purchases:

Annandale cyn-Pasadena -20.6 acres

Chatsworth peak-4.95 acres

Reagan legacy trail

Red rock cyn-Calabasas peak

Sage ranch

Development Proposals:

Studio city

Tierra rejada


MRCA 3-7-07

Land Purchases:

Assorted Malibu offers to dedicate open space easements or development credits:

Corral canyon


Topanga-sylvia park-fernwood

Zumirez-zuma cyn

Elsmere cyn—400 acre donation

Glassell park-1.29 acres

Laurel cyn --0.46 acres

Sunset Plaza/Hollywood Hills-0.13 acre conservation easement

Sylmar -8.08 acres


SMMC 3-26-07

Land Purchases:

Acquisition workprogram, evaluation criteria

Parks improvement projects

List of river and urban projects

Charmlee/Escondido Canyon-- 2.1 acres

Haines cyn channel-verdugo mtns-vegetation clearance

L.A. city stream ordinance

L.A. river master plan

map of urban parkland projects

Development Proposals:

Girard-woodland hills


Tujunga wash golf course


MRCA 4-4-07

Land Purchases:

Agoura hills-Rasmussen—146 acres

Lechuza beach access plan

Sherman oaks—2.77 acres

Wrigley Greenbelt gates-L.A. River


SMMC 4-30-07

Land Purchases:

Agua Dulce pinchpoint

Charmlee park planning

Devils cyn-53 acres

Fire prevention

Runyan cyn-20 acres

Temescal cyn lease to children’s centers

Vista pacifica

Development Proposals:

East ahmanson

Val verde

Tuna cyn

Yerba Buena

Piuma rd


MRCA 5/2/07

Land Purchases:

Beverly glen-0.41 acres

Devils cyn—275 acre donation

Hollywood hills 0.11 acres

La Tuna cyn—re-alignment of trails over 27 acres donated by developer

Laurel cyn-4.4 acres

Yerba Buena-Little sycamore cyn --18 acre donation

117 acre conservation easement

Rivas cyn -0.3 acres

Rocky peak trailhead

Runyan cyn- 20 acres

Sherman oaks-- 0.2 acres

3.5 acre conservation easement

Tujunga wash gold course—280 acre donation

Violin cyn—230 acres


SMMC 6-5-07

Land Purchases:

Agua dulce pinchpoint-maps of public lands

Baldwin Hills Conservancy continuation in operation

Devils cyn -80 acres (addition of 27 acres to earlier 53 acre purchase)

Prop 40 projects

Prop 50 projects

Santa Clarita open space district

Santa clara river-antelope valley public lands map

Development Proposals:

5 freeway widening-santa clarita

Castaic high school/northlake


MRCA 6-6-07

Land Purchases:

07-08 MRCA workprogram-map of proposed purchases

Agua Dulce pinchpoint

Agua Dulce/Acton-Antelope valley, map of public lands

Prop 40 projects

Prop 50 projects

Bel air-Higgins cyn—1.8 acres

North American cutoff-Chatsworth—1 acres

Devils cyn-Chatsworth-80 acres

East sm mtns purchase plans,

L.A. City-west sm mtns purchase plans

Laurel cyn--0.17 acres

Soledad cyn-40 acres transferred from MRCA to City of Santa Clarita

Sylmar-8 acres

Garapito cyn/Topanga—38 acres

Trancas Canyon trail easement for portion of backbone trail, near Etz-Meloy fireroad

Chatsworth Peak (no map is on website)


SMMC 7-9-07

Land Purchases:

07-08 budget

Fire clearance locations

Chatsworth peak-2.95 acres

Prop 84 proposals

Ramirez-escondido—purchase in full or conservation easement of 40 acres

Development Proposals:

MTA universal city

405 freeway-sm mtns


MRCA 7-12-07

Land Purchases:

Assorted Malibu donations of open space easements:

Malibu-Cross creek rd.

Ramirez Canyon

Zuma Canyon

Chatsworth peak—2 acres transfer from MRCA to Rancho Simi Rec. and Parks district

North American cutoff-Chatsworth-1 acre

L.A. river restoration in Long Beach, purchase of 0.78 acres to connect 16 acres of recently acquired land to other parks, restoration of at least 34 acres

Ramirez-escondido- purchase in full or conservation easement of 40 acres

Trancas trail easement donation

Verdugo Mountains-Hostetter Rd.-227 acres


SMMC 7-30-07

Land Purchases:


Temescal cyn, transfer of drainage easement to adjoining private owner


MRCA 8-8-07

Land Purchases:

Ballona-Milton st.-1.2 acres

Etz meloy -10 acres

Hondo cyn--0.5 acres

Ramirez-escondido—24 acres


SMMC 8-27-07

Land Purchases:

L.A. county general plan/Agua dulce


Development Proposals:

Elephant hill

Mount Olympus/laurel cyn

Universal city

Verdugo hills golf course


MRCA 9-5-07

Land Purchases:

Assorted Malibu scenic easements and transfers of development credits:



las flores cyn

las flores-kanan

Malibu lake-las flores cyn

Bell creek riverfront park-1/3rd acre

Compton creek/Washington Elementary Natural Park

L.A. River-Dills park, City of Paramount—2.23 acres

L.A.. river-Elysian bikeway

Laurel cyn-less than 0.25 acre conservation easement


MRCA 9-20-07

Land Purchases:

Ramirez canyon—23.5 acres


SMMC 9-24-07

Land Purchases:

9 properties in Ventura County added to purchase workprogram:

-Arroyo simi

-Arroyo simi-junipero

-Calleguas creek

-conejo creek

-Conejo Creek at Borchard Rd. -36 acres


-arroyo santa rosa

Garapito canyon in Topanga—38 acres

prop 84 projects

Development Proposals:

L.A. river-studio city-restoration planning

Plum cyn/Santa Clarita

universal city


MRCA 10-3-07

Etz Meloy-10 acres


SMMC 10-22 or 29-07

Land Purchases:

Corral Cyn purchase-850 acres

Escondido cyn-contract with Mountains Restoration Trust to buy land in area, no specific properties listed

Etz-meloy-10 acres

Development Proposals:


Buckley School

Eternity bible-tierra rejada greenbelt


Map of parklands--

Map of sensitive habitat-


MRCA 11-7-07

Land Purchases:

Acton/Juniper Ridge—44 acres

Beverly Glen--47 acres of surplus land owned by L.A. City bought by MRCA

Blanchard Cyn-Tujunga--0.09 acres

Burbank-Verdugos—4 acres

Cahuenga Peak-137 acres

Deerlake Highlands-0.06 acres

Elephant Hill-0.17 acres

Glassell Park-.9 acres

Mt. Washington-0.5 acres

Paradise Hill-1/4 acre

Kagel Cyn-0.05 acres

Knollwood-Granada Hills-1.6 acres

La Tuna Cyn-1.9 acres

Liberty Cyn-Heschel-29 acre conservation easement donation

Ramirez-Escondido-Debutts Terrace—6 acres

7 acres

Santa Felicia Cyn-Hathaway Ranch area-215 acres

Templin-Hwy 5---20 acres

Topanga Cyn-0.27 acres

Topanga-Fernwood-10 acre donation

Verdugo Crestline-0.09 acres

Westridge-Canyonback park-withdrawn from agenda


SMMC 11-26-07

Land Purchases:

Kanan Dume-Ramirez-23.5 acres

Ramirez-Escondido—purchase of conservation/trail easements on 17 acres

Rancho Potrero/Thousand Oaks-public access improvements to ranch bought in 1993

SMMC projects list and status report:


MRCA 12-5-07

Land Purchases:

Donations of scenic easements and transfer of development credits:

Monte Nido


Lechuza Beach-lateral access easement

Malibu Lake

Ramirez canyon

Sweetwater Mesa

Acton—41 acres

Antelope Valley-137th St. E/Big Rock wash—25 acres

75th St. E –10 acres

Antelope Valley 190th St. W—2.6 acres

Big Tujunga habitat enhancement

Calamigos Ranch trail easements/Zuma canyon

Corral Canyon—620 acre purchase

26 acre donation--

Glassell Park—1.29 acres

L.A.-San Bernardino Co. Line--15 acres

Laurel Canyon—5 acres

Lyons Canyon—20 acres

Verdugo Mountains/San Rafael Hills--175 acres

Encino-Westridge-Canyonback park—25 acre donation of conservation easement


SMMC 12-28-07

Land Purchases:

Corral Canyon-first phase of purchase 306 acres

Malibu Parks access and camping controversy


MRCA 1-9-08

Land Purchases:

Box Canyon-North American Cutoff—2.5 acres

Garapito Canyon-38 acres

Malibu Parks PWP

L.A. River-Marsh park planning

Sage Ranch cellphone towers


SMMC 1-28-08

Land Purchases:

Ivar-Franklin—1 acres

Malibu Parks access and camping controversy

Santa Susana Pass state park general plan

Northeast L.A hills lot purchases, numerous parcels

Mt. Washington-1.9 acres :

Glassell Park:

Mt. Olympus:

Paradise Hill:

Development Proposals:

Simi Landfill

Verdugo Hills golf course

Las Lomas



MRCA 2-6-08

Land Purchases:

Calabasas/Las Virgenes View Prk—access and drainage easement

Cornell-Malibu Lake-- 17 acre donation from developer

Ivar-Franklin/Hollywood—1 acre purchase from CalTrans

Malibu Parks PWP


SMMC 2-25-08

Land Purchases:

Altadena Foothills-Emerald Horseshoe, Cal Poly Pomona study

Green Solutions study

Griffith Park-L.A. River restoration

Agua Dulce pinchpoint pre-acquisition services deal with Riverside Land Conservancy

Development Proposals:

Pacoima canyon mine


MRCA 3-5-08

Land Purchases:

Agua Dulce-Acton public-owned parcels potentially suitable for wind energy projects

Ballona-Baldwin Hills scenic overlook trail

Corral Canyon—116 acre second phase of purchase

Cold Creek Canyon/Monte Nido trail easement

Liberty Canyon—swap of easements with private developer at 101 freeway pinchpoint

Escondido Canyon—1 acre scenic easement donation

Mandeville Canyon-1.3 acres

Soledad Canyon—40 acres

Temescal Canyon park improvements


SMMC 3-24-08

Land Purchases:

Valley Circle-101—2 acres

Eastern Sierra Wilderness Bill--add Magic Mountain and Piru

Sylmar comm. Plan—map of public lands in area

Granada Hills Comm. Plan —map of public lands in area

Tujunga Wash greenway—expansion of workprogram

La Tuna canyon —expansion of workprogram

Development Proposals:

405 Widening

Tujunga Wash shopping center

Temescal-YMCA lease


MRCA 4-2-08

Land Purchases:

De Butts-Delaplane/Ramirez canyon trail easement

Hollywood Hills-0.12 acre donation

Liberty Canyon wildlife corridor, exchange of easements,

Woodland Hills/Natoma-5.5 acres

Pacoima Wash greenway 8th street park

Saddle Peak trail easement

Sweetwater Mesa- swap of easements over MRCA property

Woodland Hills-Serrania Ridge trail easement