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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Protect a Biodiversity Hotspot From Reckless Roadbuilding

12/29/2008--A biodiversity hotspot in Southern California is threatened by a super-sized freeway project in western Riverside County. The Center for Biological Diversity needs your help to protect the homes of imperiled wildlife, fight sprawl and global warming, and improve air quality.

The Deadline for Letters is January 8, 2009

Threatening a Biodiversity Hotspot
The new four- to eight-lane highway, misnamed the Mid County "Parkway," will devastate habitat areas for a variety of threatened plants and animals. From the tiny and endangered Stephens kangaroo rat to the majestic mountain lion, the highway would sever important habitat linkages that are essential for wildlife to roam.

Worsening Sprawl in Open Space
The massive highway will enable more sprawling growth, turning open space into large-scale subdivisions, industrial warehouses, and big-box stores. It will funnel more traffic onto the already gridlocked 91 freeway. Worse yet, the Mid County Parkway will be a stepping stone for a highway tunnel through the oak-covered valleys of the Santa Ana mountains in the Cleveland National Forest.

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