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Saturday, December 6, 2008

The November Election Restored a Liberal Majority to the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors; Lame Duck Board Still Pushing Gaviota Sprawl project

NAPLES ACTION ALERT! Board of Supervisors Meeting December 9, 2008

Background: After the Board of Supervisors approved the Naples development on October 21, the Coastal Commission REJECTED the County's submittals as incomplete and inadequate. The County is preparing a series of revised approvals to address these inadequacies, most significantly to more completely separate the coastal and inland portions to allow some of the inland portions to go to construction and sale sooner.


1. Email the supervisors
Salud Carbajal at
Janet Wolf at
Brooks Firestone at
Joni Gray at
Joseph Centeno at

2. Attend the hearing on 12/9

Talking Points:

1. Late distribution of information - continue the hearing until January. The County is waiting until the last minute to release information about these project changes. This is too big and complex of a project to rush through - give us time to understand these changes!

2. Keep the project as a package. The original MOU keeps the inland and the coastal portions together - the Board separated them in October. There should be no development at Naples until the Coastal Commission makes its final decision.

3. Give a complete description of the project. The Board does not even know what they approved, as shown by the Coastal Commission letter and the need to bring this back to the Board of Supervisors. The public is in the dark. There needs to be a complete Project Description provided and adequate time for people to review and make comments.

Visit for more information or call Janet Koed at (805)683-6631

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