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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ECOSLO Granted Request to Intervene in Carrizo Energy Solar Farm Power Plant Licensing Case

12/15/2008 from

ECOSLO's request to intervene in the licensing case for the Carrizo Energy Solar Farm Power Plant was granted by the California Energy Commission (CEC) on November 24. ECOSLO sought to intervene in this precedent setting case out of concern for the project's potential to harm sensitive wildlife species and plant communities through habitat degradation, fragmentation and interference with wildlife movement. ECOSLO is particularly concerned about this project's potential biological impacts because it is to be located in an area that contains a very high concentration of sensitive and protected wildlife species. ECOSLO is also concerned about the project's potential groundwater, air quality, and land use.

We believe in the necessity for the rapid development of renewable energy; we also believe that we need to carefully evaluate the appropriateness of the proposed sites for industrial facilities such as this power plant. By fully participating in this siting process, ECOSLO will voice local concerns to ensure that the CEC strikes an appropriate balance between conservation of sensitive resources and promotion of renewable energy. ECOSLO is represented by local attorney, Babak Naficy.

Santa Margarita Ranch Board of Supervisors Hearing
December 16th

On November 18th, the board of supervisors voted to approve the Santa Margarita Ranch development proposal (3 to 2). On December 16th, the issue will come up again for the final vote. The proposed project has 11 class 1 impacts; impacts that cannot be avoided or mitigated. This is a precedent setting case in regards to future development in the County. Please Cilck here to read the staff report:
The Santa Margarita Ranch is the last item on the agenda for the 16th. Please consider attending the meeting or e-mailing the board with your thoughts on this important issue.

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