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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Eastern Sierra Land Trust: Lots of Local “Victories”


There have been lots of local “victories” for the Eastern Sierra Land Trust, and most recently the innovative non-profit organization secured a couple of conservation “landmarks.”

Adding to its list of accomplishments are the beautiful ranching and grazing lands of Bill Bramlette, a fourth generation landowner near Benton Hot Springs. The 900-acre ranch is now in a permanent conservation easement, forever keeping those grand landscape values protected. Bramlette will continue ranching, just like his family has for decades.

Along with the Bramlette success story are two properties in the Mono Basin. The Yednock and Crystol properties are now a part of the permanently gorgeous landscapes surrounding Mono Lake. The Yednock property (480 acres) was a real challenge, as it had really been let go for a long time, and once the 20 vehicles and other debris were removed-the property looks like a place where people will find wildlife habitat. The Crystol land (80 acres) was “purchased by the Wilderness Land Trust and donated to the BLM to be managed for the protection of its natural resources including undisturbed alkali dune scrub and scattered pine trees,” according to the ESLT’s Spring newsletter.

Total land recently put in trust for our collective heritage and enjoyment= 1,460 acres.


ESLT has been gaining momentum since its inception about seven years ago.

Crowley Hilltop Preserve — 33 Acres

Benton Hot Springs Valley Conservation Easement — 900 Acres

Yednock Conservation Easement — 480 acres

Cedar Hills Conservation Project— 3,748 acres

Montgomery Creek Ranch Conservation Easement — 818 acres

Big Hot Springs Ranch Conservation Easement — 75 acres

Lowery Conservation Easement — 37 acres

McAfee Conservation Easements — 15 acres

Ingram Conservation Easement — 20 acres


Map below shows Crowley Hilltop Preserve

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