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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Year End Wrap-up:

Humboldt County's Timber, Development and Newspaper Industries Face Big Changes, Big Challenges

Timber's New Dawn

Vow by new company to protect Humboldt's old-growth forests, use sustainable logging practices may spell end to generation of acrimony

10/12/2008—Santa Rosa Press-Democrat


In the lumber slump: What goes down must come up -- but when?

John Driscoll/The Eureka Times-Standard--11/18/2008

The housing construction slowdown is hurting all the logging companies.


MAXXAM Reports Results for Third Quarter 2008 and First Nine Months of 2008

“reported a net loss of $65.4 million…The Company's results for the three and nine months ended September 30, 2008 were negatively impacted by a $52.3 million provision for federal income taxes, or $11.47 and $11.02 per share loss, respectively, reflecting the write-off of deferred tax assets expected to be utilized upon recording of the effects of the reorganization of The Pacific Lumber Company (Palco) in the Company's 2008 U.S. federal income tax return….”


Eureka Developer’s Pro-Maxxam Daily Paper, the Eureka Reporter, Shuts Down

11/06/2008—from Eureka Times-Standard

“With the credit crunch causing Security National’s nonperforming holdings to be unsaleable and the performing ones becoming nonperforming, (Eureka Reporter owner) Arkley can’t afford his crusade of using economic tyranny to put his personal stamp on Humboldt. Like the Martians in “War of the Worlds”, the powerful Arkley has been subdued by the most weak, hapless mortgage borrowers in Stockton and Detroit who can’t make their payments.

And since the County Council is clearly without a majority of Arkley lackeys, the Balloon tract and rural developments will get intense scrutiny rather than a rubber stamp. So its time to pull the plug on the mouthpiece whose real purpose was myth creation, providing legitimate appearing media cover to a toady council. No need for that now.

Republicans have been thoroughly rebuked by the electorate, Robin Arkley Jr. is among the casualties. Be very careful walking the Eureka streets, there’s nothing more dangerous than a former “Master of the Universe” with PTSD.”


A History of the Old Growth Tree Preservation Movement

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