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Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Shift in Route May End Battle Over Power Lines in Anza Borrego State Park


"In Shift, Sunrise Powerlink Could Avoid Anza-Borrego" (Voice of San Diego, 10/22/08)
"For nearly three years, whenever San Diego Gas & Electric talked about the Sunrise Powerlink's proposed path through Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, the company and its representatives were adamant: Building the power line through the park was unavoidable ... to tap into undeveloped renewable energy sources in Imperial County ... The company said it has not completely abandoned the path through the park, but felt that it could still achieve its goals -- increasing reliability and tapping renewable energy -- if state regulators chose the southern route ... The California Public Utilities Commission ... is expected to make a final ruling before year's end."

RELATED: "Our opinion: Powerlink route seems clear" (Imperial Valley Press, 10/18/08)
Editorial: "It looks like San Diego Gas and Electric may be on its own in supporting the northern route for the proposed Sunrise Powerlink. Momentum continues to grow for the project to take the southern route, which would follow existing power lines ... This project must move forward and the time for scratching heads and delaying decisions is over. The 2010 deadline is not realistic, but the way things are going it will be more like 2020. If SDG&E really wants to get this done, accept the southern route and move on."
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RELATED: "BLM, CPUC release final EIS/EIR for proposed Sunrise Powerlink Project" (BLM-California news release, 10/14/08)
The Bureau of Land Management and the California Public Utilities Commission have published a joint final environmental impact statement/environmental impact report analyzing the Sunrise Powerlink project proposed by San Diego Gas & Electric Company and a range of alternatives. (Repeated from last week's News.bytes)

1 comment:

Bob said...

No surprise there.
This is a win-win situation for SDG&E/Sempra.

1) Taxpayers foot the bill for constructing these unnecessary powerlines to the tune of a couple billion dollars.

2) Sempra now has a huge market for its imported LNG

Corporate greed is taking precedence over the environment once again. :-(