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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Look at Wildlife Trackers in North San Diego County

Presenting the Preserve Calavera Tracking Team
By Karen Merrill, February 2005

The Calavera area is the largest remaining contiguous native habitat in coastal North County. It is considered ‘core’ habitat in the North County regional Multiple Habitat Conservation Plan (MHCP). Some of the natural features found here are an extinct volcano, a lake, the main tributary of Aqua Hedionda creek and Coast Live Oak over two hundred years old! Hundreds of plants, lots of wildlife! What a gem…right in our backyard! Did I mention there are 15 developments in various planning stages that will impact this urban oasis? Enter Preserve Calavera, whose mission is to preserve and protect as much of the 3,000 acres as possible. While working diligently to help shape the ‘footprint’ of these developments, it became apparent that the linkages or corridors through these projects look good on paper but out in the dirt look tenuous at best. So, the Preserve Calavera Tracking Team was formed and transects set up to monitor movement through the proposed Wildlife Corridors. The data collected over the last four years will be used to assess the viability of the linkages as the projects move forward. In other words, we aim to make sure that line on paper translates to a veritable wildlife highway!
8 page photo presentation on Buena Vista Creek and El Salto Falls

From the San Diego Tracking Team’s ( ’s October 2008 newsletter:
The Preserve Calavera (PC) organization ( was formed to protect the core habitat in Carlsbad—originally 3,000 acres of open space with 15 developments slated for much of it. Diane Nygaard, President of PC, saw the need to gather good baseline data to help with our efforts to secure viable wildlife movement corridors through these proposed developments. Hence, the Preserve Calavera Tracking Team was formed.

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