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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back Country Land Trust donates 481 Acres in San Diego mountains to the USA

from Fall 2008 newsletter,

The BCLT has signed a Letter of Intent to donate 481 private acres of McAlmond Canyon in Las Californias near Potrero to the people of the United States of America. The value of this donation is a bit over $1,000,000.

These lands are near the Hauser Mountain Wilderness Study Area in San Diego County; north-northeast of Barrett Junction. Named for Captain C.G. McAlmond, pilot commissioner for the Port of San Diego in 1873, they contain important wilderness and environmental resources values, which will be managed by the Bureau of Land Management of the Department of the Interior. These lands will be protected in perpetuity from development; while permitting the people’s passive use for enjoyment.
Funding for the BCLT’s purchase of the property was generously provided under a grant from Resources Legacy Foundation Fund. Technical and administrative assistance was generously provided by The Nature Conservancy via Ms. Kathy Viatella, Senior Project Director.

The BCLT has been working in partnership with these organizations, and with the Conservation Biology Institute and The San Diego Foundation on the Las Californias Binational Conservation Initiative. This is a shared vision for landscape-scale conservation strategies, sustainable land use planning, and workable long-term management programs in the center of a globally signifi cant hotspot of biodiversity and cultures along the U.S.-México border.

This donation represents Phase 2 in a series of donations. Phase 3, the BCLT donation of another 250 acres in the Potrero Valley Road area of Las Californias valued at $500,000 is also in the works with completion scheduled for 2009.

The Back Country Land Trust has now preserved nearly 5000 acres in San Diego County.
We rely on our supporters to get this job done. Together, we can continue protecting cultural and natural resources, preserving open space for current and future generations to enjoy, and educating the public on the value of resource protection and environmental awareness. This work is critical and there is much that needs to be done.

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