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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Sacramento, Calif. (August 26, 2008) — Today, the California Rangeland Trust announced the permanent protection of the Ecker Ranch in Madera County, owned by J.B Overstreet. The landowner voluntarily conveyed an agricultural conservation easement over the 1,080-acre ranch. Funding for the project came from the California Wildlife Conservation Board’s Rangeland, Grazing Land and Grassland Protection Program. The Rangeland Trust received over 100 letters from the Madera County community in support of the conservation of this historical and resource-rich property.

“The Ecker Ranch is an especially symbolic project for the Rangeland Trust and the Madera County community. Here is a property that embodies the essence of what the land represents to so many: California’s heritage, a long history of land stewardship, and the resources and bounty of the land. This is why the Rangeland Trust is here, to conserve these treasured landscapes and all they hold for the benefit of future generations,” Steve McDonald, California Rangeland Trust board member in Madera County.

The Ecker Ranch is a privately-owned cattle ranch in the San Joaquin River watershed in the foothills of the central Sierra Nevada Mountains. The rangeland resources will be preserved through managed grazing, prohibiting subdivision and preventing conflicting uses. The landowner will continue the recreational uses on the ranch such as the annual Covey Kids Program.

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