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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Save the Bay Says: Tell Governor Schwarzenegger to sign AB 2954

Bay wetlands


More than 36,000 acres of publicly-owned Bay shoreline sits waiting for restoration funding.

AB 2954 establishes the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority, a special district that can raise funds and make grants to restore tidal wetlands in San Francisco Bay, without new costs to the state. Save The Bay sponsored this bill and we’re proud that it has passed the California Legislature. Now we need your help to make it law.

A Landmark Step for Wetlands: the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority

One-third of San Francisco Bay has been filled or diked off from the tides, and more than 90 percent of its original wetlands destroyed. The Bay needs restored wetlands to become healthy again and support endangered wildlife. Tidal wetlands provide critical benefits to Bay Area residents, too.

Healthy wetlands:

  • Provide cost-effective flood protection.
  • Filter pollutants like oil and toxic chemicals, protecting water quality.
  • Remove greenhouse gases that cause global warming and rising sea levels.
  • Offer pristine, unique places for families to view Bay wildlife from the shoreline and canoe or kayak in the sloughs.

In 1999, Bay scientists completed research showing that a minimum of 100,000 acres of shoreline should to be restored to tidal wetlands for the Bay’s health. Save The Bay’s Greening the Bay report details what it will take to get it done. AB 2954 is the critical first step.

Join the broad coalition of environmental organizations, businesses and local governments who support this bill. Please take a few minutes to send an email to Gov. Schwarzenegger asking him to sign AB 2954.

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