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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SCC 6/2008

Preservation of 223 Acres of Coastline by the State Coastal Conservancy was Authorized at meeting of June 5, 2008
--Mendocino County --disburse up to $41,000 to the Coastal Land Trust to facilitate the transfer of approximately 74 public access easements from the American Land Conservancy to local nonprofit organizations and public agencies.

--15 acres in Humboldt County-- Consideration and possible Conservancy authorization of Redwood Region Audubon Society to accept the Offer to Dedicate an open space easement over fifteen acres of land adjacent to Humboldt Bay in the City of Eureka.

--64 acres in Santa Cruz County-- disburse up to $1,500,000 to the Wildlife Conservation Board for the acquisition of the 64 acre Willow Canyon Property for public access and natural resources restoration.

--44 acres in Humboldt County --disburse up to $225,000 to the Friends of the Dunes Land Trust to acquire the approximately 44-acre Bachofer property, and the approximately 9-acre Watson property, on the North Spit of Humboldt Bay for the purposes of public access and habitat protection.

--100 acres in Orange County --Consideration and possible authorization to the Conservancy's Executive Officer to support the acquisition by the Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority of the 100 acre Hellman Ranch lowlands property, City of Seal Beach.

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