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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SMMC-MRCA 5/2008 to 9/2008

The Latest Developments and Land Purchases in the Santa Monica Mountains and Rim of the Valley Trail System

For May through September of 2008:

Biggest Purchases:
230 acres in the North Verdugo Mountains (See MRCA 8/15/2008 agenda)
126 Acres in Loez Canyon (See MRCA 8/15/2008 agenda)
83 acres in Soledad Canyon (see MRCA 5/7/2008 agenda)

Worst development Threat:
Hidden Creek in Chatsworth (See SMMC 5/12/2008 agenda)
SMMC (Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy) 5/12/2008:
Studio City/L.A. River—16 acres: Studio City Senior Living Center project [Map] [Attachment] [Comment Letter]
Chatsworth/Santa Susana Mountains—259 acres: 188 home Hidden Creeks Estates project, Mormon and Browns Canyons, northwest of Porter Ranch, [Map] [Attachment 1] [Attachment 2] [Attachment 3] [Attachment 4] [Attachment 5] [Comment Letter]
Woodland Hills: waiver of portion of City owned walkway directly adjacent to Serrania Ridge, Woodland Hills. [Staff Report] [Map ]
SMMC 6/23/2008:
Santa Susana Mountains/Santa Clarita: Lyons Canyon Ranch Project [Comment Letter] [Attachment] [Attachment 2]
Encino/Sherman Oaks: Southbound I-405 to the Westbound US-101 Connector Improvement Project, [Attachment 1] [Attachment 2] [Attachment 3] [Attachment 4] [Comment Letter]
North Topanga-47.2 acres: Quest Ranch housing tract [Map ] [Map 2] [Map 3] [Map 4] [Comment Letter] [Map 5]
Malibu Civic Center wetland creation project [Attachment 1] [Attachment 2] [Attachment 3] [Attachment 4] [Attachment 5] [Comment Letter]
Malibu/Las Flores Canyon: 21100 Seaboard Road, [Attachment] [Map] [Comment Letter]
Glendale/L.A. River: Sunnynook Los Angeles River Project, Los Angeles. [Staff Report] [Attachment] [Map] [Attachment 2]
MRCA (Mountains Restoration and Conservation Authority) 5/7/2008:
Donation of trail easements for public hiking and equestrian use: Minden/Bruesselbach/5-87-065, located 847 Malibu Meadows Drive in Calabasas, Los Angeles County; Ogle/Carmichael/5-87-103, located at 6743 Fernhill Drive in Malibu, Los Angeles County; and Bridgeman/5-84-694, located at 3415 Cross Creek Road in Malibu, Los Angeles County. [Staff Report] [Attachment1] [Attachment 2] [Attachment 3] [Attachment 4] [Attachment 5] [Attachment 6]
Soledad Canyon/Santa Clara River Valley—purchase of 83.75 acres: in unincorporated Los Angeles County. [Map 1] [Map 2] [Map 3] [Map 4] [Map 5] [Map 6] [Map 7] [Map 8] [Staff Report]
Beverly Glen/Santa Monica Mountain—purchase of 0.3 acres: [Map 1] [Map 2] [Map 3] [Staff Report]
Topanga, Latigo and Zuma Canyons—purchase of 16.24 acres [Map 1] [Map 2] [Map 3] [Staff Report]
Ventura County—purchase of 30.37 acres in north and south Simi Hills, Box Canyon, northern Moorpark, Oxnard plain, and Las Llajas Canyon. [Map 1] [Map 2] [Map 3] [Map 4] [Map 5] [Map 6] [Staff Report]
South Gate/L.A. River: South Gate Riparian Restoration Acquisition Project [Staff Report]
Agua Dulce/Soledad Canyon: funds for the Soledad Canyon Conceptual Area Protection Plan [Staff Report]
Beverly Glen/Benedict Canyons—purchase of 17.65 acres [Staff Report] [Map 1] [Map 2] [Map 3]
MRCA 6/4/2008:
Donation of scenic easement and transfer development credit: Gordon/5-86-293, located in unincorporated Los Angeles County. [Staff Report] [Attachment] [Attachment 2] [Attachment 3]
Dry Canyon/Woodland Hills: increase in the fee simple transfer portion to the owner of APN 2007-033-025, Woodland Hills. [Map] [Staff Report]
Laurel Canyon—donation of 2.45 acres, Mount Olympus. [Staff Report] [Attachment] [Attachment 2] [Map]
Benedict Canyon: purchase of either fee simple or conservation/trail easement interests in all or portions of APNs 4383-016-002, 003, 004, 006, 007, 009, and 011; and APN 4380-034-004, but excluding habitable structures and minimizing potential brush clearance areas, Benedict Canyon, Los Angeles. [Map 1] [Map 2] [Map 3] [Staff Report]
MRCA 7/2/2008:
Donation of scenic easements and transfer development credits: Topanga Pacific Land Co./5-86-293-A, located in Malibu, Los Angeles County; Toberman/5-86-830, located in Unincorporated Los Angeles; Forde/5-87-340, located in Malibu, Los Angeles County; and Darbonne/5-85-503, located in Malibu-adjacent Unincorporated Los Angeles County. [Staff Report][Attachment 1] [Attachment 2] [Attachment 3] [Attachment 4] [Attachment 5] [Attachment 6] [Attachment 7] [Attachment 8] [Attachment 9]
Ventura County—purchase of 29.1 acres in Las Llajas Canyon, Oxnard and in unincorporated Westlake Village area [Staff Report] [Map 1] [Map 2] [Map 3]
Chatsworth/Santa Susana Mountains—donation of 14 acres [Map 1] [Map 2] [Staff Report]
Consideration of resolution adopting FY 08/09 MRCA Workprogram. [Staff Report] [Map]
MRCA 8/15/2008:
Donation of scenic easements and transfer development credits: West / 5-84-147, located in Malibu, Los Angeles County; Mountains Restoration Trust / 5-84-137 and 5-87-875 located in Unincorporated Los Angeles County; and Fletcher / 5-87-740, located in Malibu, Los Angeles County. [Staff Report] [Map 1] [Map 2] [Map 3] [Map 4]
Little Sycamore Canyon/West Santa Monica Mountains—donation of 8 acre conservation easement [Staff Report] [Map] [Attachment 1] [Attachment 2]
Donation of conservation easements over portions of APNs 2425-016-024 and 2425-016-025 (3548 and 3548 ½ Multiview Drive, City of Los Angeles). [Staff Report] [Attachment 1] [Attachment 2]
Lopez Canyon/East San Fernando Valley—purchase of 126 acres [Staff Report] [Map 1] [Map 2]
Verdugo Mountains—purchase of 230 acres [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Map]
Pacific Palisades: purchase of 0.33 acres in the Pacific Palisades [Attachment] [Staff Report]
Woodland Hills: purchase of four surplus Valley Circle Boulevard and 101 Freeway interchange area properties [Map ] [Attachment] [Staff Report]
Donation of a trail easement or offer to dedicate trail easement over a portion of APN 4467-003-032 (5801 De Butts Terrace), Malibu, pursuant to Coastal Development Permit 05-097 (WFS Seastar Cp., LLC). [Staff Report] [Attachment]
Escondido Canyon/Malibu: Consideration of resolution amending Resolution No. 07-158 to additionally authorize (a) acceptance of assignment of 1992 Proposition A funds for Escondido Canyon from the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and use of said funds to acquire APN 4467-003-031; (b) fee simple sale of APN 4467-003-031 with deed restrictions to the owner of 4456-004-071 for full appraised value; and retention of conservation/trail easements over the majority of APN 4467-003-031 for the Coastal Slope Trail, Malibu. [Attch1] [Attch2] [Staff Report] [Map 1] [Map 2]
MRCA 9/13/2008:
Donation of scenic easements and transfer development credits: Barnett/5-87=930, located in Topanga, Los Angeles County; Snyder/5-87=893, located in Malibu, Los Angeles County; and Winnikoff/5-88-040, located, Los Angeles County. [Staff Report][Attachment 1] [Attachment 2] [Attachment 3] [Attachment 4] [Attachment 5] [Attachment 6]
Beverly Glen—purchase of 0.3 acres [Staff Report] [Map 1] [Map 2] [Map 3]

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