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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Council Hearings on Chino Hills Projects in City of Brea are September 16th and October 7th


In June, the Brea Planning Commission narrowly approved the 165-unit Canyon Crest project on ridgelines in eastern Brea. The decision was appealed to the Brea City Council.

Since the project application was deemed complete in 2000, the City must apply the rules in place at that time when evaluating the housing project. Amazingly, the developer cannot even comply with those "looser" rules. In order to approve the plan, the City must override numerous city standards and ignore community values. The City Council has every right and the financial responsibility to vote this risky project down.

The Canyon Crest project will:
· Permit each house to use five times the water an average Brea household uses
· Try to stabilize four known landslides on hills recently shaken by a new fault
· Add 1,650 more car trips per day to Carbon Canyon Rd./Lambert Rd.
· Build new houses in a high fire hazard zone with only one way in and one way out
· Destroy 1,899 oak and walnut trees
· Bulldoze ridgelines and fill in streams

Learn more at or call 714-687-1555.

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