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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Major Container Port Proposed at Humboldt Bay

Comments needed on proposed Redwood Marine Terminal by Thursday, August 28, 2008.

EPIC wants to encourage more community engagement with proposals todevelop Humboldt Bay as a major industrial port. Check out for more details.

A group promoting the in the proposed Redwood Marine Terminal project,calling itself the “Rail and Port Infrastructure Taskforce” (RAPIT) has put together a one-sided "forum” to push for unsustainable development of Humboldt Bay. The RAPIT forum will be held tonight August 20 at 5:30 at the Wharfinger in Eureka. The Redwood Marine Terminal business plan being considered by the Humboldt Bay Harbor District would create a new industrial container shipping facility, subsidize the defunct Northwest Pacific Railroad and build massive infrastructure for broader industrial development of Humboldt Bay. The time is now to get involved! Even if you can’t make tonight’s forum, please write even brief comment on the draft Redwood Marine Terminal business plan. The Humboldt Bay Harbor District will accept comments on the proposed development, including acontroversial proposal to lease the harbor and railroad as a single entity through investment bankers Goldman Sachs, through Thursday, August 28. We need to let the District know that we cannot sustain our unique localcommunity by turning Humboldt Bay over to heavy industry, bringing in hugecontainer ships, and resuming polluting freight-only rail service in our bio-region.The business plan and feasibility study can be viewed at

To submit your comments call 443-0801, email or mail them to the Humboldt Bay Harbor,Recreation and Conservation District at 601 Startare Drive, Eureka, CA95501.Your voice counts! Tell them you DO NOT support the Redwood Marine Terminal Project. Our bay need not support industrial corporate development to a few special interests for Humboldt County to thrive.

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