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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cyanide-Leaching Gold Mine Proposed Between Owens Lake and Death Valley National Park

Dear California Wilderness Coalition Supporter,
One of California’s many unprotected wilderness areas is at risk of being bulldozed and mined. Please take action today to let the BLM know that the stunning Conglomerate Mesa is an important place for plants, animals, and people and deserves a full Environmental Impact Statement.

Click here to take action.


Conglomerate Mesa is located in the northern Mojave Desert, between the Inyo Mountains and the Malpais Mesa Wildernesses. Jutting up from the Joshua Tree covered valley floor is the 7,700 foot mesa topped with spectacular, ragged conglomerate formations, while the western slope includes amazing rolling, laminated badlands. The area also contains the remains of primitive shelters and old foot and mule trails from California’s mining past. Absolutely pristine, it is roadless and has never been settled, mined, grazed, or used by ORVs. From the top, visitors are treated to dramatic a 360 degree view of the Owens Valley and Mt. Whitney to the west and Telescope Peak to the east.

Conglomerate Mesa was identified in CWC’s 2001 Citizens’ Inventory as possessing outstanding wilderness qualities. Over the last few years volunteers and staff have been working to include it in proposals for wilderness protection. Now, the Idaho-based Timberline Resources Corporation wants to bulldoze roads and conduct exploratory drilling on this stunning and picturesque landscape. Their exploration could lead to open-pit cyanide heap-leach gold mining.
The BLM has just released their Environmental Analysis and we have until this Friday, August 29 to submit public comments in response. Please take a moment to let the BLM know that this area is important to the environmental community and deserves a full Environmental Impact Statement.

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