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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mining Threat Resurfaces at Russian River in Sonoma County


Dear Friends of the Russian River,

Tomorrow is the important hearing on gravel mining, and it has just come to our attention that the construction industry has sent out an action alert to their members to arrive an hour early and in force! Their position is " We need to show the supervisors that people in construction support the extension of gravel mining.

This is important to the construction industry and ultimately the community.Syar's expansion will stop the dollar loss that comes from having to import aggregate to supply construction projects.

The expansion meets the County's environmental guidelines and is consistent with recommendations by all State and Federal agencies, despite what opponents may say."Please show up at this hearing to show your support for the health of the river!!

Syar Phase VI Pit Mining hearing July 8th - 2:10pm**Please help defend one of the biggest victories for the River that our Supervisors are prepared to reverse - the 10-year limit of Open Pit strip mining of our aquifer!

Urge the Supervisors to Vote NO on the permit and uphold the 10-year limit to protect our aquifer and farmland!This project, if approved, will open the door to continued mining beyond this permit by breaking the ARM plan regulation that all open pit mining will end in 2006, increase greenhouse gas emissions, expose our community and wildlife to toxic levels of Mercury for gravel the market is already well supplied with.

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