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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Eureka’s Parcel 4 future uncertain


There’s huge potential for the dilapidated scrap of land behind the Bayshore Mall — many agree upon that. But when it comes down to what the best thing may be for the 15 acres — either open space or development — local officials haven’t been able to come to an agreement.

The land, known as Parcel 4, was recently dedicated as an open-space conservation easement, accepted by the Redwood Region Audubon Society from the California Coastal Commission.

Jim Clark, RRAS President, envisions cleaning up the area to make it more safe and accessible.

“It’s not what you would call an inviting place,” he said, walking through littered trails of broken glass and rusted metal. “There’s a lot of junk and debris and it’s physically dangerous.”

An old cement building, decaying and covered in graffiti, used to be home to lumber mill drying facilities, Clark said.

Transients are sprinkled throughout the area, but it hasn’t stopped locals from jogging or walking their dogs on a daily basis.

It’s the recreating public, Clark said, that the RRAS hopes the land will attract — once it has been cleaned up a bit.

However, the RRAS will have to jump over a series of hurdles for the city of Eureka, Parcel 4’s owner, before anything could happen — and they city isn’t exactly pleased with the recent open-space easement.

“We do not believe this was in the public interest,” said Lisa Shikany, environmental planner for the city of Eureka.

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