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Monday, June 2, 2008

Ancient Redwoods at Risk!! Caltrans is conducting an Environmental Impact Report for Highway 101-Richardson Grove widening project
--Submit your comments by June 10th, 2008!

from the Environmental Protection Information Center

Richardson Grove State Park, covering approximately 2,000 acres, stands at Humboldt County's southern gate, welcoming travelers to this side of "the Redwood Curtain." A canopy of majestic old-growth redwoods welcomes northbound travelers as they wind along the Eel River. Because the ancient redwoods squeeze the highway at several points along this curvy section of state Highway 101, interstate-size trucks are currently prohibited from traveling along this route. Caltrans has designed a project that would realign the road--putting more curves in
the road so that vehicles would come at the tight spots at less acute angles--thus opening up the County for more interstate truck traffic.

CalTrans has decided to prepare an Environmental Impact Report for the Richardson Grove widening project, as we and many others have been urging it to do over the past year and a half. It is crucial that we impress upon Caltrans how important a resource this Grove is to our community. Now that Caltrans has decided to conduct an EIR, we need to provide initial
scoping comments about what we believe the EIR must consider.

The deadline to submit scoping comments to Caltrans is June 10th. Write a letter to Caltrans today. Make specific comments. Ask specific questions. Caltrans is required to respond to your written concerns in their EIR.

Visit our webpage for points to include in your letter:, or use the template at to
copy and paste into your word-processing software and print out a letter.

Please also send a copy of your letter to Congressman Mike Thompson and Governor Schwarzenegger at the addresses below. Caltrans has asked for snail-mail, rather than email.

This is the first opportunity to provide comment. When Caltrans issues the Draft EIR, which it expects to do in October 2008, we will be able to submit more detailed comments about its adequacy and the project as presented in the Draft EIR.

Call (707)822-7711 or write for more information.

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