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Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Over 100 Acres Saved at San Diego River


Important Land Purchase Completed!

Fantastic News! Thanks to the San Diego River Conservancy and The State of California's Resources Agency a $135,000 payment to complete the purchase of the first phase of Eagle Peak Preserve has been completed ahead of schedule!

More than 100 donors joined this effort which was spearheaded by the River Park Foundation. Thank you Friends of Eagle Peak Preserve! Our thanks to The Nature Conservancy for their donation to kick off this effort nearly three years ago. This means that more than 100 acres of important and scenic nature lands have been protected. Planning is underway for a celebration of this major accomplishment.

Since this project began, we have also secured an additional 204 acres thanks to an incredible donor who shares our love for this land and her desire to protect it. We are now endeavoring on a campaign to complete the acquisition of an additional 200 acres.

You have an opportunity to help make a difference! Make a Donation Today! If you would like to visit the Preserve, tours will be available on May 20th as part of River Days. Please join us. Thank you!

Donate to the Campaign to Add 200 Acres to the Preserve

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